Tasting His Sweetness


Lord, I’m declaring today “Day One” of a my new maintenance plan. I want to finish losing this weight. It would be nice to say, “I’ve lost a 100 pounds,” but I know it’s just a number. Right now it seems I gained two pounds. Sigh.

My fingers are swollen and I feel fat. I weighed after my usual cups of coffee. Wait, . . .  I weighed after drinking a pot of coffee. I should have known better. Sigh. IMG_4314

img_8506Help me to walk in victory, victory in obedience to You and what You say, victory over food, and victory over the words and thoughts that pop in my head.

Lord, thank You for being my friend and helping me as I go forth. Direct me as how to please You in all I say and do. And yes, I am hungry for more of You. Teach me how to get full of You and all You have for me. Lord, fill me with Yourself.

This is my plan for my eating today, “Wait until I am hungry.” It seems logical, but Lord, I know what seems logical to us is not always logical to You. So, is this Your will for me?IMG_4304

You may try this for today.

Lord, I don’t think I’ve been overeating.  (Eat only three meals with half-servings and no snacks.) Yes, I’ve stuck to the rules, but maybe I’ve eaten too many half-servings. Too many half servings is still too much even if it is a half serving. I know two halves make a whole serving and four halves make two full servings. Sigh. . . . img_7617

Lord, I want You.

My child, I AM here.  img_8424

Lord, I want You.

I AM here.

Thank you. Lord, I want a “new” with You. Grant me a “new” beginning.  Fill me with a new filling of You. I want the sweetness of You. I have tasted the sweetness of crème filling, but I want to taste more of Your sweetness. That is sweeter.

My child, I AM here and I will fill  you with Myself. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; the old has gone, the new is here!            2 Corinthians 5:17

I am the Lord your God; who brought you out of Egypt; open your mouth wide, and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10


Remember the sweet taste of  a crème filled donut. Now take a moment to praise God for His sweetness. He is sweeter!


Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award



sunshine-blogger-awardSeveral of my blogging friends have been more than generous in nominating me for seven different awards. I accept them all and plan to post about each one. Thank you so much, my dear blogging friends. I feel so blessed by all of you. It is such an honor to be recognized by your peers.

One dear friend, susieshy45 nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you Susie for this nomination. Your award is the first on my list to accept. You are my wonderful dear friend on the other side of the world.

Susie lives in a dangerous place. Therefore she keeps all personal information about herself a secret and I understand why. Her blog is about everyday events observed through her eyes of wisdom. She also has a challenging cat. We have prayed for him more than once. You can check out her blog by clicking on the above link.

december 2015 233

As most of you may know, God has allowed me to write a book, The God Plan, Daily Inspiration for Victory Over the Scales. Thank you Lord.

Since the release of this book on January 1, 2016, my life has become very busy and exciting. I’ve been invited to several churches both in town and out of my state to share this story of my weight loss ( 92 pounds) using God as my weight loss counselor.

I also make a Periscope posts Monday-Friday at 6 A.M. Central time under the name, Deborah C. Crocker. So in my defense I have become slightly preoccupied.

Hubby and I have returned from trip to Gatlinburg and Nashville, Tennessee. This trip was to share with another ministry the story of my weight loss healing and to share my books. I met some awesome people giving their life to help others.

I feel like a walking, talking miracle healed from obesity in the prime of my life. (60’s ?)Isn’t God  just wonderful! I recommend using Him as your counselor too for whatever you need. He’s the best and your life will become full of joy.

Here were the Sunshine Blogger Award Rules given to me:

  • Thank the person who nominated you!
  • Answer the 11 questions. ( answered below)
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and let them know they are nominated.
  • Ask the nominees 11 questions.

The questions asked me:

    1. What is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue, the color of the ocean and the sky. Blue is a peaceful color. Couldn’t we all use a little peace in our lives?
    2. Does the color of your clothes reflect your mood for the day? Not necessarily, I just try to wear colors that makes me smile when I look in the mirror.
    3. What do you do when your mood is off- the-mark? I used to eat anything I could find and a lot of it. Now I read, blog, pray, sing, wash clothes, do dishes, etc. It seems there is always laundry to do. How could two people mess up so many clothes? And how did the sink get so full of dirty dishes? I think they are breeding in there.
    4. Why do you blog? In the beginning I blogged to give me something to do besides eat. I thought maybe it could help someone else too. Sometimes I write while Hubby is watching TV. I can’t stand most of what he watches on TV, its so boring. One time we were eating a meal and what do I see on that TV? A spider eating its meal too. Yuck! Gross!
    5. What sort of blogs do you like to read? I mostly enjoy reading blogs of people who are trying to lose weight as well. I enjoy making comments to encourage others. I also enjoy reading about the events of your life. Y’all have such interesting lives. How do you find time to blog? Oh, I just remembered about your recipes. After seeing pictures of what you cooked, I could eat the computer. It’s a good thing computer isn’t fattening. But it kinda tastes like plastic and metal. Not very good.
    6. How do you select the blogs you would follow? I look for those that are striving to lose weight too, those who worship and serve the same God as I, and those about food. God helped me lose 92 pounds
    7. Does offensive language on a blog post put you off? Yes, it does. As children we were taught that if someone used profanity, it was only because they weren’t smart enough to think of another word to use.
    8. What would romance mean for you? My Hubby got me a ring for our anniversary. He couldn’t save until our anniversary several months from now, but he was so excited that he gave it to me a couple of weeks ago. When he gave me the ring, he said, “You deserve it.” Now boys and girls, those words say romance to me more than the ring.
    9. Write a small poem about yourself:               Debbie  was fat.                                                                                Losing weight with  God                                                                                He gave her a new bod                                                                                Now she’s where’s  it’s at                                                                                And that’s a fact.
    10. Do you make New Year Resolutions? In past years I have. The number one resolution was to lose weight. But God has healed me of 92 pounds, so I don’t need that one. Since my book, “The God Plan” was released on January 1, 2016. I’ve been extremely busy, but it’s a good busy.
    11. Do you enjoy changes in your life or do you shy away from them? Since January 1st , God has brought about a lot of changes in my life and all of them are good.


Susieshy45, I hope you don’t mind if I change the rules to make it easier for all involved. I’m only going to ask 5 questions and pass the award to only five blog friends. My friends, if your blog isn’t mentioned in this post, don’t worry it’ll probably be listed in the next award post. I’ve made a long list of blogs I enjoy and plan on spreading all this love around.

Now for the questions, I’m asking only five. Since my blog is Talking to My Weight Loss Counselor- God, the questions pertain to my blog. I might use your answers in another post. Would you mind?

Hmmm, . . .  I may use these same questions in all the award posts and then compile the answers in one general concluding blog. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Think of this as a research survey

  1. What food temptation seems to call your name the most?
  2. Where do you find strength to resist this temptation?
  3. If you have lost weight, what helped you the most?
  4. How do you spend time with God?
  5. How has He touched your life?


Now for the first five nominees:






If you aren’t listed this time,  you will next time. I have seven more to go.




Versatile Blogger Award


img_7239 Thank you so much “susieshy45” for sending me this award. I am deeply honored that you thought of me. I’ve so enjoyed our friendship in Blogsville.

I enjoy reading susieshy45’s blog and recommend it to you as well. She writes from the viewpoint of a strong educated successful woman constantly learning and pursuing self-improvement through her life events. Check it out.


The rules were to select 15 nominees for this award and then tell 7 things about yourself. So here goes.

My 15 nominees for this award:

  1. http://itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.wordpress.com
  2. http://acookingpotandtwistedtales.wordpress.com
  3. http://behealthyhappyyou.wordpress.com
  4. http://smilestrengthstretch.wordpress.com
  5.  http://empowerwellnesscenter.wordpress.com
  6. http://fogwalkerbirdie.wordpress.com
  7. http://lashestolunges.wordpress.com
  8. http://patchworkandpotpourri.wordpress.com
  9. http://robynnedevine.wordpress.com
  10. http://alittlemoreeachday.wordpress.com
  11. http://styledomination.wordpress.com
  12. http://lynzrealcooking.wordpress.com
  13. http://younfolded.wordpress.com
  14. http://newcreationsministries.wordpress.com
  15. http://sonyaliraphotography.wordpress.com

Seven facts about yourself:

  1. I believe we should all maintain a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. I talk to Him throughout my day. After all, He’s my best friend.
  2. I’m forever indebted to Him, first for my salvation and for delivering me from 90+ pounds in my 60’s. That’s amazing to me.
  3. I am expecting the 60’s decade of my life to be the best ever. I’m looking forward to an exciting future, even if He decides I get promoted to Heaven.
  4. Speaking of which, all my friends know that I want three things in my casket: a Bible from the Dollar Store (I like to think my children or grandchildren would want one of the Bibles I’ve read from.), my cell phone (A friend asked, “Who are you going to call?” You never know. I confess I’m addicted), and a birthday cake. I’ll have a new birthday in Heaven, so why not celebrate.
  5.  I absolutely love real birthday cake with real sugar icing. I laugh at the thought of all my family and friends sitting around eating birthday cake at my funeral saying, “Debbie would really like this.” It’s my party and I’ll plan how I want it. Ha, ha!
  6. I really want to help others find the freedom that God has graciously given to me.  I don’t know how to help you understand this is for you too, except to just put it out there. I’ll be glad to come to your church and share my testimony (within a reasonable traffic distance).
  7. IMG_6985My first book, The God Plan, will be released on January 1, 2016 available through Amazon and Kindle.  I’m also going to have my first book signing event at The Venue on January 16, 2016 –  11am-2pm. I’ll have some light finger food, at least a sandwich. You know about my food issues. I’ve dreamed of writing a book since the 80’s. Some of you weren’t born then. Back in the 80’s, it came to me to write a book about the women of the Bible. I never did. Then every time I went to the Bible book store there was a book on the shelf about the women of the Bible written by someone else.

Now God has given me another chance. I had to write this book and get it published. I didn’t I want go to the book store and see my book on the shelf written by someone else.

My life scripture- – – I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. Psalm 32:8

Y’all have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a victorious Happy New Year!

God’s Blessings on you all, Deborah



20131016-044541.jpg   Lord, why am I not losing more weight? Why does it seem I’m going backwards? My scales tell me I’m gaining, but why? I’m eating the same as before. So. . . why am I struggling with the scales now?

I didn’t exercise before and lost over 70 pounds. Now that I’m exercising, why haven’t I lost more weight? I see the finish line of this journey. I need to finish in victory. I need Your help. What’s going on? I don’t understand.

  Continue reading MY CHILD, I BRING YOU VICTORY

IT'S A "GOD" THING – 71 pounds gone.

At my largest Notice my Celebrate Recovery t-shirt. On the left is Cheryl my 4th accountability partner

In May 2013, I weighed 241 lbs. and served as a cook for Celebrate Recovery. God has a real sense of humor putting me in a place of service right in the middle of my addiction.

Sometimes we “Christians” look down on others thinking to ourselves, “I’m not as bad as that.”  Sin is sin and addiction is addiction. I know.

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IMG_3034 Lord, I disappointed You, didn’t I? I knew exactly when I messed up. It was those last two pieces of candy. My feelings were hurt,  I was upset, and I thought they would make me feel better.  As I looked at the candy I felt the draw of Your love saying, “Come to Me. Bring Me your wounded heart. You won’t find love in this candy. Let My love sooth your hurt.”

I felt encouraged and had hope again.  “I don’t need those last two candies. But . . . why not? Go ahead, eat them.” So I did. Continue reading GIFT OF LOVE

Victory Over Christmas Candy

Taken at First Baptist of Tillman’s Corner

Lord, my niece asked me to make her favorite Christmas candy for our family gathering. Sigh. It’s made of sugar, and more sugar. I boil it and beat it with the mixer, then by hand. Then I put the nuts in it and drop it by the spoonful on wax paper.

You know how much I love this candy and I make it every year at Christmas.  I’m the best I know of at making this candy. It turns out perfect every time, even when it rains. It  just melts in your mouth. Everyone says it’s the best they have ever tasted.  Did You give me this talent? Why would you give me a talent for making wonderful candy if You knew I would have a food addiction? Continue reading Victory Over Christmas Candy



Below is a fiction story based on one true fact. In the past, due to overwhelming stress I left Baby Jesus on our dryer for two weeks. I would pat Him every day and say, “Soon, I’ll get to you I promise.” How often do we tell the real Jesus the same thing?

It’s a wonderful thing that due to my excess weight and over eating issues I’ve learned to sit at His feet and seek His advice. Reminds me of a child’s song: “Trust and obey, for there is no other way, trust and obey.”

Thank you Lord for delivering me from 68 pounds.                 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!

Hope you enjoy the story,  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

________________________________________________________ Continue reading BABY JESUS LAYING IN THE – ON THE DRYER?


IMG_3421Happy thanksgiving friends,

I have made some wonderful friends in blog land and wanted to introduce them to you. I will be sharing three blogs of my favorites. So watch for them and feel free to subscribe to their blogs as well. It will encourage them in their weight struggles and it will bless you to encourage others.

My friend, Rachel (22 years old) has lost 28 pounds with the help and support of Weight Watchers. She started her journey at 318. I choose to share her post because of her good advice about the Thanksgiving meal. It helped me, so I thought you could benefit as well. She also shared about some of her family issues. We all have them, don’t we?  Pray for her to have a successful Thanksgiving. I have become emotionally attached to her story Please feel free to subscribe to her blog. It will encourage her as well as you. Pray for her too. You’ll have to check it out to get her recipes for a Weight Watchers Pumpkin Pie that’s 5 PointsPlus per piece and a Weight Watchers Strawberry Banana Pie that’s 4 PointsPlus per piece. ( http://wwwmyjourneyonedayatatime.wordpress.com)

I hope you enjoy reading my guest blogs as much as I do. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Deborah  Continue reading SHARING A BLOG: MY JOURNEY–ONE DAY AT A TIME by Rachel


IMG_2624(Editor’s note: This is a  story I wrote for a writing contest. In the contest I could only use 250 words, but here I can write as I feel led by God. I pray it ministers to you, it did to me.

I’m not the girl in the story, but the emotions were mine.  My highest weight was 241 pounds, not 300. The words God spoke to her were the same words He spoke to me when I cried out in desperation.

This story begins in fiction and ends with truth. As they say in the movies, “This is a fiction story based on some facts of truth.”) Continue reading SUCH A PRETTY FACE, WHAT A SHAME