Road Trip & God’s Humor

Last week Hubby decided we should take a road trip to the World’s Longest Yard Sale on Highway 127. It starts in Gadsden, Alabama and ends in Michigan. The 127 Yard Sale,  World’s Longest Yard Sale, is 690 miles long and spans 6 states. It’s held every year the first weekend of August. Continue reading Road Trip & God’s Humor

IT'S A "GOD" THING – 71 pounds gone.

At my largest Notice my Celebrate Recovery t-shirt. On the left is Cheryl my 4th accountability partner

In May 2013, I weighed 241 lbs. and served as a cook for Celebrate Recovery. God has a real sense of humor putting me in a place of service right in the middle of my addiction.

Sometimes we “Christians” look down on others thinking to ourselves, “I’m not as bad as that.”  Sin is sin and addiction is addiction. I know.

Continue reading IT'S A "GOD" THING – 71 pounds gone.