40 Days of Victory

40 Days of Victory

40 Days of Victory

Lord, is it possible? During this season of holidays, is it possible that I could have 40 days of victory?

Child, yes you can. But you must submit and obey Me in all things. Starting over again today, begin to obey all you know to be true.

But Lord, I’m not sure I can now. I’ve messed up so much.

Yes Child, you can. But you must be willing to fight. Fight to lose weight and fight to achieve your dreams and goals. You must fight to pray and to redeem your time.

And if you submit to Me in all things and obey as I lead you, then success and victory will follow. For I AM success and victory.

But Lord, what do I do?

His Instructions

Go back to the way I instructed you to eat. Eat only three meals a day with half portions and no snacks at all.

There was a time when you wouldn’t have overate even on bite beyond My instructions. Get back to that. Eat how you know I told you to. Make the wise choices you know.

At your favorite place, Chinese buffet, choose vegetables instead of all that fried stuff. At supper cut down your serving size and lay off your sweets for a while.

This is a fasting time for you. 40 days of victory with no sweets.

Lord, I can’t do this.

Yes Child, you can do this. With My help you can defeat this enemy of yours, compulsive overeating. You can defeat this enemy that robs you of your joy, your strength, and your victory.

Child, do you want My power or your sweets?

Oh Lord, I want Your power. But what about Christmas?

Child, Christmas is to celebrate My birth. You can have a new birth yourself. Do you want a new birth?

Yes Sir.

Then be willing to do as I say.

Yes Sir.

If you follow, then I will lead. But you must be willing to submit, obey, and follow. Do you accept this challenge?

Yes Sir. But Lord, I need Your help. I can’t do this on my own.

But Child, know I am here with you. I will help you.

Now for your homework assignment- Find, search out 40 scriptures, affirmations to feed your spirit, your mind, and your soul, one for each day.

Yes Sir.

Victory Affirmation for Today- Day 1

Now you have every grace and blessing. Every spiritual gift and POWER for doing His will are yours during this time of waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:7 TLB

You can do this, My child, for I AM with you. I have already given you all the “POWER” you need for your victory and your success.



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