92 Reasons I’m Thankful – 92 Pounds Gone!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Thought I’d express my thankfulness to God for 92 pounds lost and the freedom He’s given me. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend.

On Thanksgiving Day I ate my usual three meals with half portions and  didn’t get seconds. I did have some desserts, but only in small portions. I didn’t blow my diet because I’m not on a diet.

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.           ICorinthians 15:57 NKJV

Thank you Lord,

1. that I’m not on a diet, just portion control. IMG_4304

2. that I can eat anything (within reason) I want at holiday gatherings without self-condemnation.

3. that I can have desserts, but only half servings.

4. that I have the freedom to choose what I want to eat.

5. that a prescribed diet doesn’t tell me what to eat or not eat.

5.  that a serving of dessert won’t throw me into a week-long binge like in the past when I blew the diet of the month plan.

6. that I can now eat ice cream without guilt. (about half a cup)

7. that I can even have a cookie with my ice cream. IMG_6634

8. that I can eat just one cookie.

9. that the bag of cookies no longer controls me and makes me do what I don’t want to -eat the whole bag.

10. that I no longer feel defeated by any food item. I am free. Thank you Lord.

11. that I don’t have to feel cheated or deprived when I look at the bounty on the Thanksgiving table because “the diet” tells me what I can eat. I choose.

12. that my focus wasn’t all about the Thanksgiving food.

13 that I was able to enjoy visiting with my family.

14. for my family that still loved me when I weighed 241.

15. for my family that tells me how proud they are of me.

16. that whatever I decide to wear, it makes me smile as I look in the mirror.

17. that since losing 92 pounds, I don’t have to wear something I don’t like just because it still fits.

18. that my husband tells me how good I look now.

19. that he no longer suggests I lose some weight for my health. Yea, right.

20. for his smile as he puts his arms around me.

21. that he says, “I can get my arms around you now.”

22. that I feel attractive to my husband even though I’m in my 60’s.

23. that I can wear leggings and they look good too. I just don’t have the guts to wear them out of the house. I am in my 60’s, after all.

24.. that there is a space between my upper thighs now. I never had that before.

25. that my thighs no longer rub together.

26.. that my thighs no longer get raw from rubbing together.

27. for giving me the idea of a Victory Calendar to focus on my victories instead of feeling deprived over the food I didn’t eat. victory-calendar 1 (Click here for yours.-Free)

28. that I don’t have to go to family gatherings all tense because I don’t know if there’s something I can eat on my diet. I can have anything I want now.

29. for teaching me how to eat successfully in the plan You gave me and still lose weight.

30. that You always have a good plan.

31. for the friends I have made while writing this blog.

Release date Jan. 1. You can preorder now on Amazon.com for Kindle. ($4.99 pre-order price)

32. for the book You allowed me to finish.

33. for seeing this project through to the finish line.

34. for helping me fulfill my dream. I’ve dreamed of writing a book since the 80’s.

35. for giving me this book assignment to write.

36. that I don’t have to feel judged by other people because of my size.

37. that I don’t have to feel judged by other people watching me eat.

38. that I can enjoy seeing the shock on their face when they realize I’m not dieting.

39. that I can have sugar. Last week I listened as someone lectured me about sugar being poison.

40. that I don’t feel threatened by the dangers of sugar. You set me free.

41. for only giving me three rules to eat by: 1. Eat only three meals. 2. No snacks. 3. Half portions.

42. that I don’t have to worry about eating “clean” for You made me clean Yourself.

43. That this has been the easiest weight loss of my life. (Maybe the longest too, but I like easy vs. quicker.)

44. that I can live with Your easy plan for my eating for the rest of my life. I’m not on a diet.

45. that I now weigh less than the day I got married.

46. that I usually wear size 10 pants. I did wear a pair of size 8 jeans to the Thanksgiving famiy gathering. Wow!IMG_7021

47. that I now wear a small top, size 10, 8, or even size 6. Amazing!

48. that I don’t feel unworthy anymore.

49. that I’m not embarrassed about my size anymore.

50. that I can wear clothes to show off my small waist.

51. for the boots that I can now zip up and wear. Before My legs were too fat for boots.

52. for spending time with me in our morning quiet time.

53. for being with me whenever I look for You.

54. for all Your encouraging words in Your Word.

56. for loving me just as I was, 241 lbs.

57. for loving me so much You wouldn’t let me stay 241.

58. for my friends that prayed for me through this journey.

59. that I don’t have to gain those famous 7-10 pounds during the holidays like the experts say I will. Putting my fingers in my ears now, “La La La La La.” I’m not listening.

60. that I don’t have to eat uncontrollably until I’m sick. You set me free.

61. that I have no more “food drunks” to sleep off.

62. that I didn’t leave my husband back in the 80’s over that candy bar. Yep, that was the biggest fight we ever had over my uncontrollable eating.

63. that he didn’t leave me over that candy bar.

64. for leading me to a life of freedom with my food.

65. for giving me a more abundant life, full of Your love.

66. that I no longer have an abundant waist, hips, or butt.

67. that I don’t need a “tummy tuck”. It shrunk.

68. that I have more energy now.

69. that my knees no longer hurt due to excessive weight.

70. that I can walk around the block without thinking I’m going to die.

71. that I don’t feel deprived if I choose not to eat dessert. I chose.

72. that Hubby called me his “trophy wife” today. He was teasing. He used to tease me about being overweight.

73. that my adult children are proud of me.

74. that my grandchildren are proud of me.

75. that I am proud of me.

76. that my closest friends are happy for my success.

77. that I feel pretty now, except for a few wrinkles.

78. I’d rather feel pretty in my old age versus my young age.

79. that I’m getting better with age. IMG_4007

80. that instead of hearing, “You need to lose some weight”, I now hear, “Don’t lose anymore.”

81. that I get to see the amazement on someone’s face at my weight loss when they haven’t seen me in a long time.

82. that I can actually feel my ribs now. I couldn’t at 241.

83. that if I suck in my breath and look in the mirror, I can see my ribs now. Never could before.

84. that while laying in bed, I can feel my hip bones. Never could before.

85. that if my husband buys me clothes for Christmas and they don’t fit, it’s not my fault.

86. that I’m free from the gluttony monster that forced me to eat uncontrollably at night.

87. that I can now sleep better because I’m not going to bed bloated from the binge

88. that You Lord are helping get stronger in dealing with my emotions.

89. that I no longer use food to sooth my emotions.

90. that I can now sing when I stressed.

91. for giving me peace.

92. for saving me, even from myself. IMG_5111



Victory Over Christmas Weight Gain

Is this what you are expecting to look like after the holidays, full, bloated, with another 7-10 pounds gained?


Break the tradition of weight gain during the holidays. Who says you have to gain weight this Christmas season? Jesus came to break you free.

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As you eat with a submission attitude, seek God’s wisdom with your food choices, and surrender unnecessary extra food, God will grant  you victories.

Use the Victory Calendar to write both your surrenders and your victories throughout this holiday season. Rejoice in your victories for they will be many.

___________________________________________________ Continue reading Victory Over Christmas Weight Gain

Why? What About You?

   IMG_6788-0 Why would God deliver an old woman in her 60’s of 92 pounds? I have to ask why? Why do you think?

Could it be to show you that He is able to heal someone from obesity that has failed every diet she tried for 41 years?

Could it be to give you hope? Could He possibly do the same for you? Do you think it’s possible for you? How many years have you been trying to lose that extra weight that seems to hold on no matter what diet/ exercise program you try? Continue reading Why? What About You?

God and Government Why Christians Must be Involved in the Political Process-Krystal Heath

I agree with this blog. I need to order this book. It was the silent Christians in Germany that allowed Hilter to take control. People, let’s seek God to lead us how to raise our voices. Be not silent. Flood FB or whatever social media you use with God’s word and your testimony. Be not silent, spread the power of God.
Psalm 30:11-12 Sing, Dance, and Be not silent!

Starlight Award


On October 27, 2015nominated me for this Starlight Award.

Due to several short trips out of town and a friend at church that needed assistance, I procrastinated responding. While Hubby is watching his football game, I’m having my own award night catching up on thank you’s and my apologies. “Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes”, I ask for your forgiveness.

Thank you for the honor of your recognition. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. I enjoy reading yours as well, especially about that cute little fella of yours.

“Itsgoodtobecrazzysometimes”  is a member of the Mental Health Writer’s Guild in the UK. She writes an blog about her struggles with mental health issues and her life in the UK with her adorable little boy. In spite of her struggles, she regularly encourages others by nominating them for awards to recognize their work. You will enjoy her humor and her occasional posts about the history of UK.

So my 3 questions are:

  1. What is your favourite four leggeIMG_6660d creature and why? (My favorite four-legged animal is Suzy, the cat I inherited from my mother-in-law. She is the easiest pet ever, but she won’t let me touch her. She defines the term, “Fraidy Cat.”

 2. Name 3 things in nature you find most beautiful. (The sunrise on the water, the petals of a rose, and the beach.)


Sunrise picture taken by my Dad, age 80.


3. What do you think is a good question to get to know someone more? (How can I help you? Everyone needs a little help now and then.)

And for my 6 nominees:







My three questions to the nominees:

  1. What person had the most influence on your life?
  2. What brings you the most joy?
  3. What is your best food advice?

 The Starlight Award Rules:

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God’s Chisel

Today’s a day of victory for you. For every extra bite of  food you leave, you receive a victory. Look for it.

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57 NKJV

My oldest son sent me this video.
Watch “Skit Guys – God’s Chisel Remastered” on YouTube

Also, it was nice that Hubby saw this news clip. He said,”They’re reading your stuff.” LOL! It’s nice being reinforced by national news, but God is the One that led me to eat this way.  I do disagree with the video. It seemed to me they stressed giving up certain foods, just another diet. Without dieting in any form I’ve lost 92 pounds eating three meals a day, no snacks, and half portions, even desserts. I ate whatever food I wanted in half portions, even desserts.God is so good. He knew I’d be happier with a little sweet in my life.


I’m Afraid

This is what 10 pounds looks like. My friend, Donna said, “Feel how heavy this is. This is what 10 pounds feels like. Imagine this on your body.”

Lord, today is weigh-day and I’m afraid. What if I’ve eaten too much? I know there were times when I got too full. I am afraid of what those scales might say.

My child, as you look to Me, I will lead you. I did not give you this fear. Why do you let this box with numbers rule your life? Trust Me. All of your struggles have been because of lack of trust.

When You were confronted by the problems and struggles of life, you ran to food for comfort.

When you felt hurt, rejected, or disappointed in others, you ran to food for love.

When you worried over your needs, finances, or the needs of others, you ran to food for peace. True peace never comes from food.

Know ye not that I have come to give you abundant life, peace, love, and joy unspeakable?

If only you would run to Me, the One that loves you beyond your comprehension, instead the idol of pleasant pleasure food. Then you would find yourself walking in the freedom of My love. My freedom brings peace, joy, wisdom, and abundant life.

The idol of pleasure food brings entrapment. It brings damage to your body, but the worst is that it brings defeat and shame to your soul. I want My children to walk in victory, not defeat. I have come to set you free. Can you believe that?

Now don’t worry or be afraid of those scales. don’t look for your confirmation of success from numbers on a box. Look to My Presence for your success. I AM your success.

As you yield yourself to Me, I will grant you increase, not increase in body size, but increase in My love and power. I will increase My power within you to give you the ability to say “No” when necessary and “Yes” to My will.

I will increase My love within you so it will spill over to others and they can be filled with My joy as well, for I am the one true joy. Tell them to come to Me, for I AM the One true source of joy, peace, and love.

Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. I give myself to thee, do with me as You will. Help me to obey You in all things.


For God has not given a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.       II Timothy 1:7 NKJV

And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” II Corinthians 12:9 NKJV

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Romans 14:17 NKJV 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NKJV


Stood on the scales,

WOW!  91 pounds gone forever!

Thank you Lord.