Cookies Of Shame

Cookies of shame, I’ve eaten them again. Not only were these cookies left over from Christmas, but they were bought at a 90% off sale after Christmas too. I thought I could just eat a few at a time. But Lord, here I am with cookie crumbs on my face. Ate too many. How do You stand me? I’m just like Esau. Only with me, it’s cookies instead of stew.

Child, I love you. And I’m not giving up on you for you are mine. I never give up on those who are Mine. You are marked with My Blood. No, you are not like Esau His heart was greedy. He wanted it all now. Jacob was cunning, but the heart of Esau was evil. He wanted power and was full of pride.

But you, My child, are not full of evil, cookies maybe, but not evil. Oh, you do get a touch of pride now and then, but overall I can work with your heart. Esau had already hardened his heart and rejected Me due to the false gods of his wives. 

Jacob had not rejected Me, he just didn’t know Me. But I arranged a meeting and he got to know Me very well. (Smiling) I chose him because he had an open heart. Child, I can only use those with an open heart. After all, I can only use those I can trust to stay yielded to My will. Now come here to Me, into My Presence. 

Lord, thank you for talking to me. I don’t deserve Your friendship or love at all. Help me to do Your will today. Let me seek your will always. but it’s his fault. What he watches on TV drives me nuts. Maybe I need another TV.

Child, you don’t need another TV. What you need is more of Me. 

Lord, what do You want of me?

Child, I want you to stay yielded to My guidance and continue to seek My will in all you do including what you eat. Seek My will in what you eat, wear, do, say, not eat, not wear, not do, not say, and what your eyes look at or not look at. 

When he watches a program that irritates you or bores you, why don’t you just pick up My Word.  Instead of eating cookies, feed on My Word and your spirit will grow stronger. And your body won’t grow larger either.

Now I’m going to do a work in both of  you. So expect the victory of Psalms 126. For it is coming. Look for it. Love you, My child, even with cookie crumbs all over your face, (Smiling.)



When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion (Jerusalem),
We were like those who dream [it seemed so unreal].
Then our mouth was filled with laughter
And our tongue with joyful shouting;
Then they said among the nations,
“The Lord has done great things for them.”
The Lord has done great things for us;
We are glad!Restore our captivity, O Lord,                  As the stream-beds in the South (the Negev) [are restored by torrents of rain]. They who sow in tears shall reap with joyful singing. He who goes back and forth weeping, carrying his bag of seed [for planting], Will indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126 AMP



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Finally, I just finished reading through my “Spiritual Warfare Bible.” Only a month behind in my “Read the Bible through in a year plan.” I really enjoyed reading all the side notes, prayers, and the Appendix in the back is awesome. Also it includes a Concordance section.

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Now I’ve started reading this Study Bible by David Jeremiah. Today I’m on Genesis 5. The study notes at the bottom have been very interesting. I’ve learned something about evolution and Genesis. On the 5th day God created the birds along with the fish. How does that fit in your evolution theory? Here’s the link in case you want to check it out.

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