How Not to Fast – Brilliant

How Not to Fast- Brilliant

After 21 days of semi-fasting I only lost 4 pounds. What? This can’t be right!

Lord, I don’t understand. How can this be? As a matter of fact, for the past 20 days, I ate only one meal a day. That was just one meal a day.  Then on the 21st day, I had a side salad for one meal and Chinese the next meal because we went out to eat twice in one day. But only four pounds? So Lord, how could it be? I just don’t understand.

My Child, do you remember the program, “What Not to Wear?” Now you’ve starred in your own program, “How Not to Fast.” Remember all those days when you drank hot chocolate, sometimes 2-3 cups twice a day? How do you think the hot chocolate affected your weight loss?  It does seems to Me that  you’re blessed to have lost those 4 pounds.


(That’s right, hot chocolate. Can we say, “I am brilliant?”)

Well Lord, You know I had to have something to keep me from getting hungry.  I was starving and the hot chocolate was filling. By the time I had my one meal of the day, I was starving. So I ate full portions at that meal instead of my usual half portions.

Of course the hot chocolate was filling. But when you began this semi-fast, you said you wanted to become closer to Me. This past month, you had many victories. And you had My Presence with you each day. 

But Lord, what do I do now? How do I eat now? Do I try to fast again? After all, it seems to be working for other people to lose their excess weight.

First of all, Child, what was the intent of your semi-fast? What was your purpose?

To seek direction and also to get closer to You.

Then Child, you had success for you experienced the sweetness of My Presence each day. And I gave you direction each day too. So if you go on another semi-fast, what would be your purpose?

To lose weight.

Haven’t I helped you lose weight before?

Yes Sir

Then why do you now think you can only lose weight by going on a self-inflicted fast?

Well Lord, what do I do now?

First, depend on Me, look to Me for instruction, and then follow My guidance. After all, you already know what foods are good for your body and which are not. Use the common sense I gave you. And you know hot chocolate is not known as a weight loss food.

Yes Lord, I know. But I thought since I was only eating one meal, it would be okay.

My Child, did you stop to ask Me what I thought about this?

No Lord, I didn’t.

If you had asked Me, I would have told you, “No hot chocolate.” After all, that’s a pleasure drink. Fasting is not for pleasure. It is for self-discipline and spiritual strength. 

Child, I want all your heart. So let go and surrender your love of pleasure food to Me. Then watch and see what I will do. 

Lord, how many calories do I need to eat to lose weight? How much exercise will it take for me to lose weight? How do I eat today?

Trust Me. First, seek My Presence before each meal time. Next  ask Me before each if you are to eat at this meal or not.. After that, ask Me what you are to eat? then follow My instructions. One day at a time. Quit worrying about what you will eat tomorrow. Trust Me.



In conclusion, be strong in the Lord [draw your strength from Him and be empowered through your union with Him] and in the power of His [boundless] might. Ephesians 6:10 AMP

God is our refuge and strength, a tested help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1 

Trust in the Lord God always, for in the Lord Jehovah is your everlasting strength. Isaiah 26:4 TLB



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