The Truth Comes Out – Part Three

The truth comes out and this is how it started:

These ladies contacted me via social media and wanted to use FaceTime for a Bible study group. They also included some additional passages in our study, It felt like they were trying to convert me. But they said they were Christians, Me too. So why do I feel like something is up?

Finally, after seeking God’s direction, I asked them, “To you, who is Jesus?” Followed by, “Do you believe there is a heaven and a hell?” These questions were from my “Share Jesus Without Fear” App. Here’s a link explaining how this program works :

They answered correctly, “Jesus is God,” and “Yes, we do.”

But when I asked, “What’s more important to you, the Bible or these passages?”

One replied, “There’re books in middle school and there’re books in high school. The Bible is like a middle school book. These passages are like high school books, the ‘New Word.” Finally, the truth comes out.Then they sent me a copy (pdf.) of their book. When I saw the organization that published it, I immediately googled,

Turns out these sweet, friendly ladies were members of a cult considered one of the most violet in their homeland.

Our previous administration granted citizenship to the leaders of this cult because of religious persecution. What?

One of the articles, I googled told how 5 of their members killed a lady at a McDonald’s in their homeland. What?

To see what happened next, look for upcoming Part Four. This story’s  just too long. To subscribe, click on the menu bar (box with three lines) at the top of this post.


And Jesus, answering them, began to say: “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and will deceive many.  Mark 13:5,6 NKJV

And He said: “Take heed that you not be deceived. for many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and , ‘The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them. Luke 21:8 NKJV

Don’t be fooled by those who speak their empty words and deceptive teachings telling you otherwise. This is what brings God’s anger upon the rebellious! Ephesians 5:6 TPT


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    1. To begin with I was afraid. But then I remembered who I had on my side protecting me.

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