It’s Just A Tool

Child, it’s not the answer for I AM the answer. It’s just a tool.

Lord, I don’t know what to do. I’m so tired of this struggle. You helped me lose 90 back in 2015-. And it seemed so easy then. At that time I was so full of Your Presence.

Its' Just a Tool
This is how I looked on May 23, 2013, weighing 240 pounds.

It's Just a tool
This is how I looked after losing 90 pounds, weighing 150 pounds.

Lord, I want Your perfect will. Yes, I backslid. And I’ve messed up so many times. It seems I’m constantly asking forgiveness over and over for the same thing.

Child, it’s just a tool. It’s not the answer, it’s just a tool. I AM the answer. Even with this tool you’ll need My power, strength, and wisdom to resist the temptation of overeating your pleasure foods.

So Lord, what do I do? I need to know Your perfect will. I’m sorry about bingeing on the salad. And I’m sorry about bingeing on those health food bars I bought at the grocery. I thought I could copy Fred’s program but it didn’t work because I binged on those health food bars too. In fact, it’s my bingeing that’s caused me to ask You again about using this same professional weight loss program that Fred is on for myself. I’ve watched him succeed and I’m still struggling.

Child, don’t you know by now that I work out all things for your good and My glory? You could use this as a tool to help others lose weight, but also to lead them to Me.

But Lord, isn’t this just another “weight loss plan’ of the year?

No Child, it is a tool.

Lord, I want to represent You, not a professional weight loss program. Only You. How can I represent You and Your power to deliver from food addiction if I’m involved in a professional weight loss program? Lord, what do you want me to do?

I’ve struggled so much with this decision, back and forth, back and forth, trying to figure out Your will. I want You to get the credit.

Child, I will get the credit. Because you will give Me the credit. What is your testimony now?


It's just a tool
In 2017, I re-gained 30 pounds back. This is how I look now. Last Monday, I weighted 180 pounds.
I’ve been struggling with this excess weight since 2017. During 2020, during the shutdown, I gained up to 10+more pounds. But thank God I’ve lost that. Now I’ve only 30 pounds to goal. I WANT MY VICTORY BACK.


Child, it’s just a tool.

But God, I want You to get the credit.

Child, do you remember the story of a man on the roof of his house with a flood swirling below? He prayed, “God help me, save me.”

Later a boat came by to rescue him. He told them, “The Lord’s going to rescue me.” Then he refused to get on the boat.

Next a helicopter came for him. But again he refused saying, “The Lord is going to rescue me.”

Finally he drowned. In heaven, he asked God. “Why didn’t You save me?”

My answer to him was, “I sent a boat and a helicopter to save you. But you refused to get on either one. I tried to save you.”

Do you remember that story?

Yes Sir.

Child, this program is your boat. I am your helicopter. I will lift you up, but the boat will help you across.

But Lord, how can it be both?

Child, I’m going to lift you up spiritually to a new level in My Presence. Hence, I am your helicopter. But this professional program is the boat that will float you through the swift rapids of food temptations.

These food temptations seem like rapids to you. They make you feel trapped and unable to escape. So I’ve sent you a boat, this weight loss program.

Remember My Child, it’s just a tool, not your answer. I am your answer. I am your deliverance. But I do provide tools for you to achieve your victory. So feel free to use them.

But Lord, what if I binge on this program?

You won’t for I’ll be helping you. I’m sending this boat to make you a fisherman, but I’m also sending you a helicopter to lift you higher in My Presence. And I’m going to lift you out of this sinkhole of quicksand that you presently find yourself trapped in.

Child, I provided this to you, for you, and so you can help others along the way. Remember, its not the answer, its’ just a tool’. I provided this tool. So use it.


So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. and because you belong to Him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 8:1 NLT

You’re kind and tenderhearted to those who don’t deserve it and very patient with people who fail You. Your love is like a flooding river overflowing its banks with kindness. Weak and feeble ones You will sustain. Those bent over with burdens of shame You will lift up. You draw near to those who call out to You, listening closely, especially when their hearts are true. Psalms 145: 8, 14, 18 NLT



Last April, my husband decided to begin this professional, healthy weight loss program. Several people at our church had success with it. He’s never been on any kind of diet before.

He was diagnosed with Diabetes, Type II over 15 years ago.  During the 2020 shutdown, both he and I overate and enjoyed all our favorite junk foods. His A1C went up to 8.1 and I gained over 10 pounds.

His doctor was very upset and wanted to increase his medication to another shot with every meal. This would result in 4 shots a day.  My husband was already taking a daily pill, 60 units of insulin a day and a weekly shot too. To add three more daily shots would make his life miserable.

So we asked his doctor if we could try diet control before adding three more daily shots.  His doctor agreed to let him try.

After hearing testimonies and seeing physical results of several of his friends at church with this new weight loss program, he decided to try it. He really didn’t believe it would help him. But he tried it anyway.

Wow! Now he’s lost 30 pounds. In addition, and most important, his doctor has agreed and encouraged him to reduce his insulin amount due to his blood sugars going so low on this program.

So he monitored his blood sugar twice a day and reduced his insulin by 10 units as his blood sugar dropped. Then he returned to his doctor with a new report of reducing his insulin level to 20 units daily.

His doctor was thrilled and recommended that he continue reducing his insulin units based on his blood sugar levels. His doctor said, “This is unheard of. I’ve never had a patient who went from 60 units to 20 units. This is unheard of.”

Praise God for answering my prayers to heal my husband, Now he’s been able to stop the daily insulin shots altogether.  But he still takes his daily pill and his weekly shot. We can’t wait to go back to his doctor. I’m looking forward to watching that doctor turn cartwheels.

Pray for Fred- He’s apprehensive about maintenance.

Now for me:

Since I’ve seen how much this program has helped my husband with his health. I sought God’s advice and His will about using this program for myself.  We have talked much and many times about it before I committed to try it for myself. The above blog post is just one of the many conversations with my weight loss counselor- God.



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