IMG_1836IMG_1812Praise God- Total weight lost- 51 pounds. This bag of potatoes weighs 50 lbs. and I can hardly pick it up. No wonder I can walk better.


He just started on my food plan.


He lost 5lbs. on my food plan.
He lost 5lbs. on my food plan.

And now I have dogs as dieting partners. What?





     Lord, I want to praise You for the 51 pounds weight loss and the smaller size jeans I got into yesterday. 

“I enjoy rewarding My children for their obedience. Know that I am with you. You wonder where I am because you don’t hear My voice as you once did. I am by your side guiding you throughout this entire process. Just because I am silent for now is no reason for you to question, I have never left you. I will bring you through to victory.

You do need to drink more water. I don’t want you in bondage measuring and counting water glasses, but do increase your water. How much water have you had this week?”

     Uh, two glasses just now.

“My child, for your body, water is the same as oil for your car. Water keeps all your parts lubricated and everything running smoothly.  Just as oil for machinery lubricates, water decreases friction within your body parts.

Also, you need to get out in My sunshine. Your doctor agrees with Me since she prescribed Vitamin D. You need My sunshine to kiss your face. Allow the breezes of My wind to blow your hair and My songbirds the pleasure of granting you a performance of their musical recitals.”

      But Lord, I don’t have time. I have to finish this project which You gave me. I have a deadline.

“My child, you are stressing over a deadline. Since I gave you this project, I will bring it to completion. But it is not My will for My children to sit before a computer all day without moving. I made your parts to move. I want you up and out enjoying My sunshine. Just take 15 minutes a day of sunshine. This is as important to your body as My Word is to your soul. Your doctor prescribed a pill, I prescribe a dose of sunshine. I want you strong, now do as I say for I created you and I know more than your doctor.”

      Yes Sir. Lord, I know You have a sense of humor. Two weeks ago I met ‘Milo’, the dog. He is following the same food plan as I and he has lost 5 lbs. He weighed 50 lbs., but his vet said he was overweight and his food should be cut in half. His owner, my niece, stated that since he was still hungry she added a half can of french cut green beans. She also said he ate some other vegetables too. I told my earthly Dad about this. His dog, ‘Uggie’,  is overweight too. Now Dad is feeding his dog half its food and adding vegetables. I have two dogs following the same food plan You gave me. One has success and the other just started. Lord, do You know how that makes me feel, I have gone to the dogs. You know how to keep me humble.

(I sense laughter.)My child, you also could benefit from more vegetables, I have noticed you focusing on your project and eating whatever is quick and easy. I want you to increase your vegetables as well as your sunshine. I don’t want you in bondage, counting and measuring, but I want you to eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal just as these dogs. You need to follow their example. You could use more veggies, but I know you get so compulsive with your counting and measuring. Therefore, I will just tell you to focus on at least one fruit or vegetable serving per meal.”

      Yes Sir, so now I have orders: increase water, sunshine, vegetables and fruit. And I have a couple of dogs as my dieting examples.

      (I sense the Lord smiling in humor.) “My child, I created both you and the dogs and I know what is best for you. Now go forth and tell others of My love for them as well. Feed your cat too. You were so busy you forgot to feed her last night, but she will forgive you. She loves you just as I do.”

Note: This was written early. and the cat got fed by 6 a.m. No innocent animals were harmed in the production of this story. But my pride did get hurt, since I am now dieting with the dogs. Maybe Milo can write me an endorsement for my book, you think?



  1. You are such a sweetheart Debbie and I know God loves you a lot, a lot and he is always laughing with you as you laugh at yourself.
    Did Milo and Uggie finally lose as much weight as you ?
    Love to know more.

    1. No they didn’t
      Ha ha! But Willow is gaining weight. I keep feeding him frozen meat Popsicles due to the heat. Ha ha!

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