(My child, I long for My children to love Me. I give and give with blessings to all of them. Yet they don’t even stop to acknowledge that these blessings come from Me. But they do stop to blame Me when things go wrong in their lives. They even use My name in vain. They say, “Oh God!” when things go wrong for them. This is not a prayer but instead they use My name as an expletive.

            My child, I also hurt when My children reject My love. My pain is real! But yet no one considers My feelings for they assume that since “I am God” that I don’t feel the pain of their rejection of My love. Most of My children just assume that since I am God, invincible, that I don’t have feelings, that I don’t hurt and grieve.  They just rationalize that I am a myth, a wonderful children’s story told to them as a child. They assume that since they are now ‘grown up’ that they don’t need me anymore. They assume that since I have ‘heaven’ that I don’t need their love. They assume that since I have ‘everything’ that I don’t need them. What they don’t realize is that I want them and their love more than anything I own. Their love and devotion is more valuable to Me than heaven itself. I even gave the sacrifice of my ‘birth’ son to save them. And yet most of them don’t even acknowledge the sacrifice of My gift. I gave up what I considered  most valuable to Me, My very own Son, and yet so many look at My sacrifice with indifference.

      Some of those that claim they are My children are also guilty of indifference. They go through their motions and the agendas of what they consider  worship. But if their hearts are not into worship, it is only the empty ways of their agenda to please themselves so that they may congratulate themselves with a job well done. If their hearts are not yielded to Me in the intimacy of worship, then their worship is only an empty act. Oh, how I long for My children to become intimate with Me in love and companionship. Oh, how I long for them to spend time with Me discussing every small detail of their life for everything that concerns them interests Me. For I love My children above all that I am and all that I have. Without their love, My possessions mean nothing to Me! Don’t they realize that I created heaven not for Myself but for them, for I find My pleasure in the love of My children.

     There is no pleasure for Me except for the love of My children. Yet I have provided for them all pleasures. Just as your children also do not recognize the sacrifices that you make to give unto them. My own children also do not fully recognize the gift of My sacrifice.

      Yes, My child, every small detail of your life interests Me. You take time to discuss your decisions, plans, hurts, and worries with those you consider close to you. You are immensely thrilled when those you love seek your company to ask for your advice and then they follow it which results in success for their lives. Do you also , just like the others that are indifferent to My feelings, not realize that it also thrills My heart immensely when My children do the same. I want nothing for Myself, but love from and success for all My children. But they mistakenly comprehend ‘success’ differently than I . They consider themselves highly successful if they have many material blessings. Yet I consider it true success if their souls are completely renewed in My perfection. Only I can offer that to them. But I can only give it if they seek and ask for it. I will not force it on them. One perceives a gift forced with contempt and considers it worthless. One considers a greatly desired gift invaluable, delightful, and priceless. I long for My children to greatly desire the gift of My presence. Sometimes the pain of their rejection is more than I can bear! You have read in My Word that there are no tears in heaven. That is true, there will be no tears in Heaven, but there is no heaven for Me without the love of My children. Therefore My hearts breaks as I grieve over the loss fo My children that chose to walk away from Me in indifference. You have no ability to comprehend My pain. I can supply all that they need but yet they turn and walk away from the offering of My love. You, My child, have never suffered the depths of painful rejection, for it would destroy you. No human can even begin to comprehend the depths of My pain over  this rejection from some of My children.

     Satan delights in enticing My children to turn away from Me for he enjoys My pain. He also enjoys bringing pain to My children for He knows how this also hurts Me. He brings all destruction. His pleasure is to steal joy and peace,  kill life abundantly, and destroy the souls of My children. Then he convinces My children to blame Me in their blind ignorance for the destruction that He causes. He lies to My children to convince them to turn away from Me. He causes their pain and then tells My children, “God could stop me if He wanted to but He don’t care about you!” Satan creates their suffering so they will turn away from Me, then blames Me for it. If that don’t work, he then entices them with earthly pleasures to further influence their choices. It breaks My heart to know that some of My children choose to believe his lies and they are lost forever! My heart breaks!

     But soon, My child, soon there will be an end to Satan and his ability to destroy My children with his deceptive lies. I am only waiting to extend to all of My children a chance to choose to come home to Me.  To be saved from Satan and eternal death, My children must choose Me. Soon, My child, what you know as ‘time’ will end and eternity for all of My children will begin. Satan’s rule over earth with all of his resulting damages to My children will end forever. Soon, My child, soon, I will return to claim what is Mine! Satan will no longer have influences over My children. Pray for My lost children, tell them, as many as you can that they must choose now to come unto Me for soon, very soon, it will be too late for them. The opportunity to choose will be gone forever! They must choose now before it is too late. Tell them to choose now  to seek My face and My love for I will give them eternal life, with joy unspeakable! Tell them to choose now! Choose this day whom you will serve! Choose now! Now make the choice before it is too late! It is My wish that all My children choose to come home to My presence, but I cannot choose for them.They must choose for themselves! They must make the choice, the gift of eternal life is not forced on anyone!)

     Ephesians 4:30 NKJV: And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God . . . .

     Isaiah 63:10 NKJV: But they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit; so He turned Himself against them. . . .

     Mark 3:5 NKJV: And when He had looked around at them with anger, being grieved by the hardness of their hearts. . . .

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