locked and chained
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     (My child, I watch as My children are seeking, turning, searching, fighting, and struggling in battles within their own self power. If only they would come unto Me, I would show forth unto them the way to walk. Do they not know that I am the answer to every question? Do they not know that I am the road to a life more abundantly? I am the way, the truth, and the light! If only they would seek My voice, I would show unto them the way to walk. I am the answer for all that concerns them, but woe unto them that seek to follow their own self-conceived plans.

      Self-imposed plans lead to destruction. My plans, the plans that I have made, lead to a hope and a future, a life more abundantly, beyond more than their comprehension or even their dreams. Within My way is peace, serenity, joy, wisdom, strength, and discernment. Those that seek My face and follow My ways will experience deep satisfaction as they follow My directions.

     I will deliver My children from their chains of bondage as they seek My face. These chains of bondage became attached to their backs as My children walked in their ways of self-seeking and self-serving. But I will remove each of those chains as they seek My face and surrender themselves to My will. I will place My hand on their lives and remove each chain and each weight that so easily besets them and prevents them from soaring into a life of freedom.

     Tell them to seek My face for I will show unto them the way to freedom from bondage and life more abundantly. As they seek My face and follow My will I will take their hand and gently lead them out of their self-imposed prisons. I will break them free if only they will seek My face. Come unto Me and I will show unto you the way to freedom and abundant life.

     Some of My children are standing now at a “fork” in the road of their life. Will they choose to follow Me to the way that will lead them from  one oasis to another  until they reach their promise land? Or rather, will they choose to follow the way of self-deceived wisdom? This will only lead them to one disappointment after another until they reach destruction. Some of My children standing there at the fork in the road, yet undecided about which way to take. Warn them that time is quickly running out! The end is at hand! Tell them to choose quickly whom you will serve!  What they don’t know is that the longer they stand at the fork contemplating their choices, that the longer they are losing out on My blessings. Quickly move, decidedly move!

     Choose this day whom you will serve. The time is running out, there is no longer room for hesitation! Move quickly, run quickly down the prepared path I have ready for you! Hold My hand and run quickly for the time is short and My return is at hand! Destruction is fast approaching for those that chose “self”! As destruction moves across the fork in the road, those standing in hesitation get knocked off their feet. Therefore, tell them to move quickly away from the fork in the road. Quickly run down the path I have for them to escape the destruction at hand. I hold My children by the hand and I will lead them to a place of safety, the oasis of My refreshing Holy Spirit. Tell My children to stop hesitating, grab My hand NOW, immediately NOW! I will run with them, by their side to show them the way of escape!

     Come unto Me now, My children for I am your safety. I will put a safe covering over you for you are Mine. I offer unto My children more than they can possibly ever imagine. I have everything they need. I have all the provisions needed for their lives. I will give unto them beyond their comprehension if only they will only seek My face. Do they not trust Me to show unto them the correct way? Tell them to move quickly away from hesitation and into My arms of compassion, for I love My children. I love them and I have their best interest at My heart. Tell them to trust and obey Me completely with their whole being for I AM life  more abundantly! IAM!)

Holy Spirit,
Image by kelsey_lovefusionphoto via Flickr


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