Binge On His Word

Binge On His Word-

Child, throw away that self-help book about God and food. So far you’ve learned nothing from it. But if you seek My wisdom, you’ll learn everything you need for success.

So far,  you’ve enjoyed your little motivational book, “Eat That Frog.” And yes, it’s good advice to complete the hardest task first. But what you really need is to eat more of is My Word. Then your Spirit will grow stronger and your fleshly desires will weaken.

Today, I want you to gorge yourself on My Word. Go on a Bible binge. Your spirit is weak and this affects your body. So binge on My Word. 

Spend your time feeding on My Word, talking with Me about your life and all else  that concerns you. 

Lord, I have so much to do today.

Forget your “to do” list. Spend time with Me. I’m not even on your “to do” list. But I should be the #1 priority, first on your list. Now spend time with Me, not quantity time, but rather quality time. 

I want to fill you with Myself and My Word. I want to fill you with My peace and assurance that I am with you. 

Yes, I’m calling you to set aside your “to do” list and all your other plans for this day.

But Lord, what about my bills due this day?

Child, pay them. Then go back to feeding on My Word. I desire that My Word become your new pleasure food. You’re weak now because your soul needs nourishment. Feed on My Word. 

Lord, can I start over with You again?

Child, I specialize in new beginnings. To begin with, I want you to feed on My Word. Your spirit is starving. 

Your Word is very pure. Therefore Your servant loves it. Psalms 119: 140

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away. Matthew 24:35

How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! . . . Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119: 103, 105, 

2 thoughts on “Binge On His Word”

  1. Debbie
    How do you get the pictures of those biblical verses like ” Romans 6:23″- are these put out on billboards ?
    I am glad you wrote we need to binge on God’s word. I am glad for you. I am glad you put out posts about your journey and your constant battle against yourself. I am glad that God is winning in the battle.
    God bless you even more abundantly. You will be blessed, strong, healthy, whole and he will be in control of your life.

    1. Susie, as I drive along the road, I see these church signs or rather billboards. Love them. They are so encouraging. So I pull off the road and take a picture. Then I cut, copy, and paste to get the picture exactly how I want it. There is an App I also use- PicMonkey. It helps me so much with pictures, easy to use too.
      Thank you Susie for being such an encouragement to me.
      I hope all of your family is doing well.

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