Life Fasting -What’s That?

Life fasting – What’s that? A while back I read of someone going on a life-fast from sugar. To me, the dessert queen, that sounds  impossible. In fact if I decided to life-fast from sugar it’d just be setting me up for failure. After all, a wise man (woman) knows her (his) limitations.

So Lord, what do I do? How do I eat now?

My Child, haven’t I’ve told you over and over, “Look to Me, seek Me, listen and follow My instructions. Focus on My will for your food and your life too.

Okay Lord, what do I do now? Do I start another 21 day semi-fast, this time without hot chocolate? Do I only eat one meal a day, two meals, whole portions, or half portions? Overall I feel confused and lost. So what do I do now? Today, how do I eat?

Today Child, if you’re hungry at lunch, eat half portions. If you’re not hungry, then don’t eat. Wait to see how your body reacts. Your supper meal is to be half portions with no desserts. 

But what about those dates I have in the refrigerator? Can I have one of those for dessert after my meals? (We have a box of King Solomon Medjool dates ordered from Amazon.) After all, it is a natural fruit.

No My Child, not even a date. Today you eat clean from all sweets, clean from all fried foods, and clean from all starches. Then we’ll talk again tomorrow. You’ll learn one day at a time for now. 

Yes Sir. Thank you for talking with me.Renew my mind and remove the desire for food pleasures. Help the focus of my desire for pleasure be the pleasure of Your Presence.

Now Child, here’s life-fasting for you – 21 days of asking and seeking My will first before you eat. How about a 21 day fast from food pleasures, no fried, no man-made sweets, focused on My will for your eating? 

First, each morning ask Me what you’re to eat for the day. Then you follow My instructions. This is a life-fast from self-sufficiency and your self-knowledge of “dieting guidelines. I AM to be your diet guideline.

And Child, that includes your liquids too. Drink more water. And a little exercise wouldn’t hurt you either. Why don’t you start walking with Me by your side? 



“I just want to obey all You ask of me. So teach me, Lord, for You are my God. Your gracious Spirit is all I need, so lead me on good paths that is pleasing to You, my one and only God!” Psalm 143:10 TPT

“Seek and deeply long for the Lord and His strength [His power, His might]: seek and deeply long for His face and His presence continually.” Psalm 105:4 AMP

“I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill His purpose- – I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]” Philippians 4:13 AMP



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While in Israel, we had a chance to experience eating foods we don’t normally eat. One dessert type food was Medjool dates. We fell in love with this food. So I ordered some for the Hubby for Christmas, two boxes. They are wonderful. But don’t get hooked on another chewy sweet. We enjoyed passing them out at our family gathering. Since Hubby is diabetic, he had to be careful. Also these wonderful dates are high in calories too. Overall, enjoy this natural treat created by God, but use caution.
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