Almost 200 pounds gone! (From My House)

  IMG_5654 Lord, I want to scream! Hubby’s fussing, “Get this house clean. Get this clutter out. I want my house free of clutter. Look at this mess. Your friend’s house isn’t cluttered like this.” Grrrrrrrr! Fighting words. Lord, help me not yell at him.

IMG_6197Give me patience. I don’t want lessons, I just want to get through this. Help me keep my mouth shut. (Uh-oh.) Lead me as to what is best and Your will.

Before when I was anxious or stressed at others, I ran to ice cream for comfort. I ran to anything sweet to sooth my feelings and kept my mouth shut. Now that I’m following Your plan for my eating, I have these emotions I don’t know how to handle. It seems I’m gritting my teeth daily just to get through the day. People that didn’t used to bother me now irritate me to no end. Lord, I need help. HELP! Today, it’s him, the one I love.

Listen to him, My child, for I have given him a spirit of wisdom that I didn’t give you. I gave you a heart-cry for others that I didn’t give him. I created both of you and put you two together to serve My purposes. Do not criticize what I created.IMG_6188

For God is not  of confusion but of peace, . . . I Corinthians 14:33 NKJV  

My child, you tend to get full of religious, spiritual pride. I also see selfishness and greed. That’s all clutter in your life. Let it all go. Come to Me. Let Me fill you with Myself.

Let go of these material things you can touch and see for I intend to fill you full of things you cannot touch and see. These are of greater value than these objects you see and touch. Let go My child of what you hold in your hand so that I can fill your hand with what I have for you. You can’t receive when your hand is closed. Let go,  for I have much to give you.

 There is too much clutter in all of your life. I want to empty you out so that I can fill you with Myself.

Does this look like 200 pounds? The Home of Grace called for donations. They’ll pick it up. I cleaned out three closets and de-cluttered the house per Hubby’s request.

Yes Sir, I want all that You have for me. Help me to let go of what is not important to You. (And help Hubby too.)

And it will be said in that day: “Behold, this is our God; we have waited for Him, and He will save us. This is the Lord; we have waited for Him; we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.”  Isaiah 25:9

Let all things be done in decently and in order.                  I Corinthians 14:40

Then the priests went into the inner part of the house of the Lord to cleanse it, and brought out all the debris that they found in the temple of the Lord to the court of the house of the Lord. . . .  2 Chronicles 29:16

Lord, I guess if Your priests had to clean house and bring out all the debris, then I shouldn’t complain. By the way Lord, did You know that we had out-of-town company  coming? Hubby was proud of my work and our house. Thank you Lord for helping me.

The now uncluttered kitchen table.
The Guest bedroom, all clean and fresh. Totally uncluttered.
The now uncluttered dining room.


Hubby cleaned off the patio where we have our morning coffee.
The now uncluttered family room. God gave me the rug. The name under the corner is “Victory”. How about that.
The most peaceful spot in the house. This is where I meet with God for my counseling sessions. My grandchildren call this, “The Prayer Room”. Hubby calls it, “The Parlor.” But I have my exercise bike in there too.


13 thoughts on “Almost 200 pounds gone! (From My House)”

  1. Your dining room particularly impresses me. My dining room is in major trouble. But that’s because my hubby decided it made the best office for all his stuff…One day there will be a room elsewhere, but for now God is teaching me great patience! (One day one of the kids bedrooms will be empty and then he can use that for an office)
    So glad your hubby appreciated my comments! 🙂
    And thanks for reminding me that someday my kids may be so far away (in different states even)-it reminded me to really enjoy this time!!! It isn’t that far off though, my oldest plans to move to California once she finishes her masters- very far away from here in the midwest!

    1. I’m sorry about your oldest moving away. But maybe you see more of California when you go visit.
      The buffet was covered in stuff before we decluttering.
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      May God grant you the desires of your heart, Deb

  2. I am, by nature, a natural declutterer. I have to do my deeds when hubby isn’t around as he is a natural saver! But my house doesn’t look like yours as I still have the stuff of 5 children in my home (four actually living at home and the fifth finishing up her master’s so her stuff is still here!!)
    It teaches me patience to not be able to declutter their stuff 🙂 . Sometimes I even eye the 2 cats…How I would love to do a little decluttering there, with them, their litter boxes, food bowls…water bowls… But alas, they are part of the family and I will have to wait and be patient as I know that in time, the children will be moving on, and I will miss them so! The cats are getting older and someday won’t be around to give the family company. So for now, I declutter what I can with all my stuff, and look forward to a day when my house will look lovely like yours 🙂
    (Your husband did you a favor. I like to think of my house as our house, Mine, my family’s, and God’s house. For His sake, I try to make it beautiful. However I only have so much time, so most of the time He has to settle for partial and even at time messiness. But that’s what happens with a busy family! I’m blessed.

    1. You are truly blessed with your family. Our children and grandchildren all live in other states. I do miss them.
      We have one cat that we inherited from Hubby’s mother. Even though we feed her, she won’t let us touch her. Oh well.

      Hubby loved your comments. Ha ha! He is able to see things that I don’t. I read your comments to him and he smiled. In spite of how mad he makes me sometimes, I do like him. Think I’ll keep him, LOL. He does the yard work.

      Thank you for your compliments on the house. I am amazed at the result of the decluttering. Now the house pleases me as well as Hubby.

    1. It was hard work. The hardest part was letting go of the things I liked. The Home of Grace does a good work with those with addictions, so that made it easier to let go.

  3. cheering you on! it’s a big step and so liberating to release of the unnecessary. May the Lord continue to bless in you in your efforts to simplify and glorify Him!

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