7 thoughts on “100 Little Reasons To Lose Weight In 2015”

  1. I love this! A couple of years ago I read a weight loss book by a psychologist. She suggested writing a list of reasons why we want to lose weight. This captured about 90% of my list. I especially love the sausage-casing tights, and mondo-width boots.

    We will do this 🙂

  2. This post was written by another- 365 Fit Journal. Check out her blog as well. I have found much encouragement in reading the nlogs of others. Also, God has been gracious to me.

  3. Enjoyed your blog page. I was truly movitated by what I read. Sorry I am just reading it. I was a very challenged year. Be blessed in all your work. Your sister Dorothy.

  4. I loved her reasons to lose weight. Maybe we should a make a list of why we want to lose weight. Thank you for writing this 365 Fit Journal.
    Have a wonderful “losing” year!

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