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I wrote “70 Reasons I’m Thankful God Helped Me Lose Weight”, one reason for each of the 70+  pounds I’ve lost.

So here goes:

1. God saved me from myself and overeating.

2. His weight loss counseling services are free because He willingly paid all the costs.

3. I’ve been in bondage to excess weight and overeating for over 40 years. He set me free.

4. He erased all my guilt and shame, especially from food binges.

5. I can go to my Celebrate Recovery meetings now without hanging my head in shame.

6.  My counselor (God) knows exactly what to speak to my heart for He knows my heart.

7. When I asked for His help, He designed a food program for me that I can live with.

This was a church sign I saw.

8. I have lost over 70 pounds. Wow! Amazing to me.

9. Food no longer controls me because of what He did.

10. I feel so free! Did I mention how free I feel?

11. I can breathe easier too!

12. The number on the scale amazes me. I started at 241. Now I’m 170. Wow!

13. I don’t diet, measure food, count calories or carbs. I just eat half portions.

14. On the food program God gave me, I can have deserts, but only half or less.

15. My food satisfies me.  If I want more, I  just wait until the next meal and eat it then.

16. Now that I can have deserts, they no longer control me. I enjoy my sweets, but I’m not compelled to eat them. God set me free.

17. I’m not required to eat certain foods. I just eat what I’m led to prepare or just go out.

18. I don’t have to choose a restaurant that offers diet food because I don’t eat diet food.

19. I just pray, ask God to lead me, and order what I feel led to eat.

20. I’m always satisfied and bring home leftovers so I can enjoy that meal again later.

21. Hubby and I can split a restaurant meal. It saves money and I still enjoy eating out.

21. I have peace with God because I go to Him for comfort now, not food.

22. I ask God for strength, for He promised to strengthen me. (Isaiah 41:10)

23. I ask God to deliver me from temptation to overeat and He does. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

24. I now weigh what it used to say on my driver’s license before I got convicted of lying. When you weigh 241, it’s a lie to say 170 so I changed it to 200.  (I still lied, just couldn’t say the truth of 241.) Lord, forgive me.

25. God is doing a new thing in my life.  (Isaiah 43:19) I feel so free now.

26. I’m becoming a new creation in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

27. I used to wear a size 18/20 pants. Now, I have three ‘size 12’ pants and they fit.

28. I enjoyed giving away my “big” clothes and buying new smaller ones. They fit nicely.

29.  At age 62, for the first time in my life I like what I see in the mirror (except for wrinkles). I feel pretty.

30. I can wear  attractive clothes now, no longer –  big baggy loose clothes.

31. I no longer sleep off food binges because I no longer have food binges. If I want more,    I just eat it at the  next meal.

32. Hubby smiles at me. I like that.

33. I have more self-confidence.

34. I have a new energy with my new lease on life.

35. Hubby hugs me more. I like that too.

36. My legs no longer rub together when I walk.

37. Now my pants don’t wear out between the legs.

38. I enjoy the compliments on my weight loss. I like to say, “God did it.”

39. I have no self-condemnation.

40. I’m no longer embarrassed to tell Hubby I ate all of it, because now I only eat half.

41. I have no more guilt from eating it all.

42. Food actually tastes better now that I am eating less.

43. I have more leftovers and don’t have to cook as much.

44. Ice cream now lasts longer since I’m not eating it all.

45. I enjoy encouraging others that if I can, they can.

46. I’m not hiding my body in shame from Hubby anymore.

47. I have no sense of shame anymore because now I don’t think I’m ugly.

48. I feel that it pleased God to set me free from this bondage, therefore I’m happy.

49. My new body fascinates me. I haven’t been this small in over 40 years.

50. I can now wear my leather coats again.  I have a black one, a red one, and a pink one. They have hung in a closest for years waiting for me.

51. I enjoy dressing up now. Before I hated dressing up, with only my big clothes to wear.

52. I know God is for me. He helped me become free.

53. I can sit in Hubby’s lap now without being afraid I’ll break his chair or his legs. (Broke his old chair twice.)

54. I am not afraid of having sweets in the house. They no longer control me for God is in control now.

56. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but Hubby claims he gets better gas mileage now that I’m smaller. (I think that he made that up.)

57. I’m not the largest woman on the beach anymore.

58. I’m the same size now that I was my first year of marriage in 1974. (I’m not as small as I was on my wedding day-152. It would be cool to get back in that wedding dress. I gained 20 pounds my first year of marriage. Could love be fattening?)

59. I bought an expensive navy lined skirt in the 80’s and kept it because it was a classic.    A few weeks ago I wore that skirt to church and got compliments, a 30-year-old skirt.

60. My children are proud of me for losing weight.

61. I wrote a book about my weight loss counseling sessions with God and submitted it for publishing.

62. My children are proud that I finally finished a book. They have listened to me dream of writing a book for most of their lives.

63. I no longer dread the “you need to lose weight” lecture from my doctor.

64. Every time I go to the doctor now we compare my weight since the last visit.

64. I have a clean bill of health, except for low thyroid.

65. Hubby laughs if I wiggle on purpose when I walk by. I like his laughter.

66. Hubby’s no longer looks at me with disgust at my overweight body.

67. My feet don’t hurt as much. I have high arches.

68. I smile more because I am happy I’m free.

69. Once after getting dressed up to go out and Hubby caught me looking at my behind in the mirror. I’m amazed it is smaller now. I used to look and be amazed about how big it was.

70. My legs have always been bigger than Hubby’s. Now, my legs are almost equal to his. (He is an apple shape. I am pear-shaped.)

Did I mention how free I feel? Praise God for He has set me free and delivered me from compulsive overeating and 70+ pounds so far of excess weight. I am free indeed.




It is so nice to know that on the food plan God gave me I can still have chocolate.        
Isn’t God just wonderful!





  1. Deborah,
    I like your 70 things – sounds like the 7 times 70 times, you need to forgive others- perhaps that includes us too- you started showing change ever since you forgave yourself and food and started enjoying food for what it was.
    I love the fact that many of your 70 things include things about your husband. It goes to show how strong your bond is. Praise God !

      1. So many women I meet wouldnt put their self out there and share their weight loss journey or the struggles they have surrounding the subject of food and weight. You are inspiring so many people in your walk!

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