How To Conquer Food Addictions 1 Bite At A Time!

This a blog post from my dear friend in Miami, Florida, Hilda. Check out the blog, for some awesome recipes.

Source: How To Conquer Food Addictions 1 Bite At A Time!

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  1. I realize you don’t accept awards but this is one I present to you with nothing to actually do but place it on your blog mantel as a tribute from me to who you are. For years you have remained in touch commenting and encouraging me and that means so much! Thank you for who you are and your gentle heart! Blessings,

    1. Awww, Ellie, thank you so much for this word of encouragement from you, my friend. I am honored that you would think of me. Wow! I am humbled too!
      Thank you

  2. Dear Debbie,
    There is a blog which I think you should write to where they want to feature inspiring authors.writers.
    Here’s the link :

    And a summary-
    “If you are interested in becoming a Featured Writer. Please send your inspirational thoughts, poems, short stories, or quotes to:

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    This is from Michelle Cook’s blog.

    1. Well thank you Susie. I’ve had my book signing and company since yesterday and haven’t been able to write/ work.
      But this is very interesting. I’m going to have to check into it.
      You are so precious to think of me. Thank you.

      1. Debbie, your book and notes are helping me not just in my weight loss journey but also in rekindling my faith. It was God who led me to your blog and I thank God for that day.

        1. Susie,
          I’m so glad. God loves you more than you can know.
          Thank you for your encouraging words. I enjoy knowing I have a friend over there- you.
          Lord, put Your arms around Susie. Hug her to Yourself and put Your hedge around her. Keep her safe, sound, and secure.
          My love to you, dear friend.

          1. Debbie, please pray for my cat too, who is constantly asking to go outside and we can’t let him go, because of all the vehicles and also people who are out there, who might harm him.

            1. I think I got it working now. I hope. At least it worked from my post. Thanks for making me aware of my tech error.
              Hilda has been so kind to me- I want to return to her.

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