Blessings-Day 1 New Food Plan

(Written May 28) Day 1.  Sat: early am- coffee  IMG_9666

Breakfast:  Salad  w 2 T croutons, 1 T dressing. 2 oz. rotisserie chicken-(Yes, sometimes I do eat salad for breakfast. I’m having a love affair with romaine lettuce.) 4 baby carrots ( for my chewing issue) 1 oz  cheese – water  (3 large glasses)

Lunch : Following the example of grandchildren , ordered Chick-fil-A  child’s 4 piece nugget & fruit cup at drive up.  Traded strawberry with granddaughter for one fry. Water (2 glasses.)

They gave me five nuggets. Good, these are small.

Granddaughter: “Hey they only gave me five nuggets and I’m supposed to get six.”

“Here, have one of mine.” Lord, this is not funny. Sigh.

2:15 Me: Lord, I’m hungry.

(Him: You’ll be ok. Wait for supper.)

Supper: Half baked potato with cheese, no butter, half ear of corn, no butter, salad with 1 T dressing and 2 T croutons, and half steak. Iced tea, no sugar.

Later hot tea with milk.


1. Good phone conversation with youngest son. Thank you Lord.

2. Found “Mrs. Dash” seasoning in my stash (what makes it good) for potato salad to carry to church for a funeral.

3. Watching grandchildren swim and play while I write on three drafts at a time bouncing from one to another as ideas come. Awesome. IMG_9576

4. Sister donating items for future garage sale to raise money for granddaughters to go to summer camp.


Disclaimer: This is just what I’m eating. I don’t recommend any type of diet. I recommend you do get a physical to check out if you have any diet issues. My doctor was amazed and bragged on me. I do have low thyroid and been on medication for that since 1997.