“Well Lord, here I am again! Right back where I started! Lord, after a whole week of obedience, I blow it big time! I ate some cookies before bed, then after being asleep for a few hours, I woke up and finished the leftover chicken salad with some crackers! Now, here I am again, in Your Presence Lord, with crumbs from my sin all over my face! When will it ever stop? Is there any hope for me?”

(“My child, there is hope for you! There is deliverance for you! You just lost your focus, the enemy wants to destroy and steal your testimony of victory! Obedience is your key to freedom!”)

“Lord, if obedience is the key, then what am I to obey? You have never really told me , what do I obey?”

(“Alright My child, before you had freedom to choose whatever and whenever you wanted to eat as long as you did not overeat. Now, since you are asking for more structure eat only three meals a day; no more and no less with nothing in between or after. It is not the rules that are important to Me, it is your heart. I desire a contrite heart, one that is seeking My love and obedience to My will. But for this time being, if you require the confines of structure to measure your success, then so be it. Eat only three meals a day. Oh, and only weigh once a week. You are stressing over the numbers on a scale instead of focusing on My Presence.

My child, can’t you see that My goal for you is that you live and breathe in My Presence. I want to fill you with Myself versus you being filled with the abundance of your greediness. I long to fill you with Myself! Come to Me, allow Me to fill you with My Spirit and I will set you free from this bondage that so easily besets thee!”)

“Alright Lord, here I am! I give myself to You, do with me as You wish!