6 thoughts on “"America the Beautiful 3- The Sexualization of Our Youth." An Unexpected Movie Review”

  1. Heart-breaking how kids are being victimized and, even worse, are being tricked into victimizing themselves. So sad. Sorry for what is being done to them. It is indeed killing, stealing, and destroying!

  2. Rough and sad. I just didn’t know what kids are up against, and I only saw the trailer. Unpleasant to the extreme, but lets me know to pray more for these kids. Got to pray more that God will be their help and strength and JOY!

  3. Wow Deborah I am so honored you reposted this.. this movie is so important and spreading the word even more important so THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You made my week!!

    1. That is why I re blogged, I felt the message was needed. Thank you for posting information about this. I’m glad you didn’t mind. Our children and grandchildren are important .

      1. I’m learning about blogging and I’m not sure about reposting. I do not want credit for your work. I was horrified when it said by Deborah Crocker. I’m sorry and will remove the post if I broke a copywriter rule. I’m am trying to learn. Let me know and I will remove ?
        I just read something about re logging. So what do you really think? Was it okay, I really don’t want to copy, but I felt your information was important was our young . Please let me know ASAP

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