“Stop Eating And Pray”

“Stop eating and pray.” Yep, that’s how my morning time with the Lord was.v

To explain, we now have a ‘Stay home’ order because of coronavirus. Due to staying home, I’ve been eating a lot of comfort food. Lots of comfort food.

So this morning I prayed, “Lord, forgive me for I have been eating and eating everything. And now I’ve gained more weight. Lord, help me.”

Then I flipped over my daily scripture calendar, and saw this-

God declares us “not guilty” offending Him if we trust in Jesus Christ, who in His kindness freely takes away our sins. Romans 3:24 TLB

We’ve been staying home for the past couple of weeks due to the coronavirus. And I’ve been eating and eating more, wasting time either watching TV, or zoning out on social media. But my greatest sin was none of these. No. it was my failure to pray.

“Lord forgive me. Help me to pray for those needing You. I can’t send medical supplies, or food to those in the hardest hit areas. But what I can do is pray.

Yes, I can pray and also reach out to those You placed in my life. I might not be able to be with them in person, but I can talk on the phone or use social media to stay in contact. Help me to help encourage others.”

We’re all stuck at home. All our lives have changed. We’re overwhelmed by all the reports of sickness and death. Maybe we’ve become fearful as we go to the grocery store. What if they come in my personal space and have the virus? And we’re real careful not to breathe on anyone because what if we have it?

Funny note: I’m at the store standing close to the checkout counter hesitating . This lady looks at me. So I say, “I’m debating on buying ice cream.”To which she replies, “Buy it.” Then a man standing close by, looks at me and says, “Buy it,” So I take that as a sign and go get ice cream. When I told Hubby about it, He said, “When did you start taking advice from strangers?”

When I compare the time I’ve spent eating, cooking, discussing menus, or grocery lists to the time I spent praying, guess which one got the most time during my stay at home day? Yep. Busted. It was food and more food. So I need to stop eating and pray.

A friend once told me the highest prayer you could pray is “Lord, Your will be done.” See Matthew 6 for “The Lord’s Prayer”.

So here’s today’s challenge. Let’s get out of our chairs, turn off the TV, turn off social media, and start praying for others. They need our prayers. This USA needs our prayers. The World needs our prayers. So lets stop eating and pray.

Our leaders need our prayers, truck drivers, store employees, medical staff, first responders, people still working, people not working, families with children out of school, the children themselves, those who are by themselves, and those who are contained with others. We also need to pray for our spiritual leaders and those who believe in Jesus that their faith will hold strong. And especially pray for those who don’t believe in Jesus that they will come to know Him.

Now I’m thinking of those leaders whom I don’t like and wish I could throw rocks at them. Is this part of “Turn the other cheek?” Guess they need prayer too. That may be what the scripture meant when it instructed us to pray for our leaders so that we may have peace in our land.

Maybe we all need to repent. After all, 1 Chronicles 7:14 says-

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

So y’all. If you’ve been like me, lets stop eating and pray.


12 thoughts on ““Stop Eating And Pray””

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It’s amazing, when our worlds become so small (staying at home all day in isolation) how quickly we forget the people around us and the difficulty they are living in! It is so powerful to raise our eyes off the plate in front of us and lift them up to God.

  2. I love your blog. I’ve shared your story with lots of people because God used your story to impact my life in a huge way. I began my own God Plan in 2018 and lost 60 lbs when no other diet or exercise plan would ever stick for me. Now I’m finding myself in a similar place as you, and it’s been too easy to use food for satisfaction instead of fellowship with the Lord. I opened your blog again for encouragement and found just that. God is using you in powerful ways! Thank you so much for sharing all of your victories and struggles with the world. Your testimony is beautiful!

    1. Tytania, thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Due to being so absorbed in world events, I just shut down, ate and watched TV. But praise God, I’m beginning to emerge from this depressing cave. Even though we are ordered to “Stay Home”, because of seeking God’s Presence my outlook has changed. Now I’m walking everyday weather permits, reaching out to others, and working on my weight loss goals again, especially these now acquired 10+lbs.CV-19 weight gain.
      Because of your encouragement and the fact I enjoy it, I’m going to start posting again. Thank you so much, Deborah

  3. Our hope is in the Lord. He will turn disaster into bounty. It seems almost impossible to imagine anything good coming from this, but God does His best when we experience the worst.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. When we constantly watch the news, we get filled with doubt and/or fear. But when we spend time in the Presence of God, we are filled with hope, faith, and love.

    2. Yes, you are right. I’m holding on to Romans 8:28. Our Sunday School teacher said we should thank God for this. He said that in the Bible, it said to give thanks for all things. Sigh. This one is hard.

  4. Thank you for the reminder, Debby. About the food part, we are prevented from indulging as we are a nation dependent on food from outside the country and with the lack of movement in and out, there are only essential foods on the shelves- milk, rice, pasta, vegetables, eggs and so on.
    We need to pray and pray and pray- there is no other way.
    Human kind has been brought to our knees.You were so right, I should not have gone to Y. It was not the right decision. They couldn’t even predict the epidemic- what a public health school that is.
    So disappointed.

    1. Susie, now they are letting only four people in the store at a time. Everyone else has to wait their turn outside six feet apart. And now it is highly suggested that everyone wear some kind of face mask in public.
      Also I read yesterday that at Walmart, who has most everything else you would want to buy, are only allowing you to buy food. I don’t know if that is true or not.
      Guess I need to make that ice cream last a long time. LOL! Be safe my friend. God’s blessings upon you.
      Lord surround Susie and all of hers with a hedge of Your mighty protection. Amen

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