I Am Afraid


What are yhou afraid of?
What are you afraid of?

Child, what are you afraid of?

Lord I am afraid the world is going crazy. Our leaders are crooked and I’m not sure I trust the ones that are supposed to be helping our USA. We are in trouble.

Our land is being invaded. Twenty-five of our states are taking a stand to protect themselves because they know they can’t depend on the leaders we have now to protect them. We have so many corrupt leaders now.There’s a war in the Middle East, I saw pictures/videos of what those Hamas did. It’s beyond my comprehension how one group of humans could be so evil to another group. And it seems as though a lot of people have now turned against the victim country that was attacked and supporting the evil attackers. Lord that is crazy. Has the world gone crazy? Is the world now overran by evil everywhere?

And all over the world, your people, the Christians are being put in prison, rejected by their families, beaten or even slaughtered because they love you. It seems the world is full of hate and evil.  Is there any good out there?

Child, I am good. Because I am love, I will win over evil, all evil. And yes, that is why I told you to withdraw from all media, both social and your news sources too. For I knew it would be overwhelming to you. Now I tell you again, “Don’t look at what you see. Instead look at Me. Don’t be afraid.” For I am the answer to all your questions.

Lord, why don’t you just evaporate all those evil ones who kill, steal, and destroy  as Satan wants them to? It wouldn’t take me long, especially to those who harm innocent children, and babies.

Child that’s why you’re not God and I AM The time for judgement will come soon enough. But I love those evil ones too, just as I love you.  

But lord, why? They deserve death, a death just as horrible as they committed.

My child, all deserve death, even you. No one can be good enough to escape death, just as no one can deserve forgiveness.  Remember how I was on that cross, how I ask my Father to forgive them for they know not what they do. It’s the same today, Evil people believe the lies of Satan who tells them to kill, steal, and destroy. Because those actions give him pleasure and delight when he beholds my children committing such atrocities.

Victory Over Fear

I am a God of love and forgiveness, not killing or destruction. I do not wipe out the evil ones because I’m giving them time to repent and turn from evil. Even so, they will suffer the consequences of their choices and actions. Because for every action there is an equal reaction. (look up)

Indeed I came to offer all of mankind, including the evil ones, hope for a new life, eternal life. It’s up to each one to choose whom they will serve.

But Lord, what about the suffering and killing of the innocents?

Child there has always been suffering and killing of the innocents ever since sin entered into the world I created. For instance, Able was the first innocent to be murdered. And it has continued on since. Evil has sought to rule the world.

But what evil does not realize is that I will win. I always win. That was the whole purpose of the cross, to bring victory over evil and death. Yes, the innocents have been suffering from the evil ones since the beginning of time. But rest assured, I have each innocent one with me to suffer no more.

Those evil ones, unless they turn from their evil and repent, will suffer all throughout eternity. Remember, I provided for them a choice for forgiveness. But they chose to turn away from my offer of love and forgiveness. So they made their choice for eternal damnation. They made their choice.Now Child, rest your mind in peace. Do not be afraid. Don’t you know that I hold you and all yours in my hand. I will work out all things in your life for your good. As long as you seek my guidance, I will personally lead you to the victory I’ve already planned for you. Now quit worrying and go to sleep, let your body and mind rest in my peace.

I love you, my child.

I love you too, my Lord. Help me to please you in all I do, say, eat, drink, and even my thoughts too.Thank you Lord for loving me. I don’t deserve it.


Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; He will neither fail you nor abandon you. Deuternomy 31:8

In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.      Psalms 94:19

For God Has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but  of power, love, and self discipline. 2 Timothy 1:8 


The Truth Comes Out -Part Four

 The truth comes out. Some ladies contacted me via social media and wanted to start a Bible study online. They said they were Christians. But they also wanted to include some passages from their book.

After three weeks of online interaction, they sent me a (pdf) copy of their book. That’s how I found out they were in a cult, by googling the author. Yep, sometimes the truth comes forth through Google. After discovering they were part of a cult, I became afraid. After all, the article told how some of their members killed a woman at a McDonalds.

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