Paths of Destruction

Lord, today so many are in paths of destruction. So we ask for a covering of Your Holy Spirit over this land. In fact, the whole world needs You.

Paths of destruction
In the path of destruction

Now as I write, the coastal areas of Louisiana is faced with category 4 Hurricane Ida. Yesterday, we saw many on the highway fleeing from its destructive power. Keep all safe, both those headed out to safety and those remaining behind.

Also Lord, there are many sick with Covid, here in our area, throughout USA and in other countries too. I ask in the name of Jesus for Your healing power to wash over all these sick. Let a tsunami of Your Holy Spirit cover this land and throughout the world. Lord, we all need You.

Without You there is no hope, but with You we have infinite hope. Thank You for those that are recovering. Let us hear of more recoveries and answered prayers of healing. Cover all those not sick with a hedge covering of Yourself to prevent this virus from attacking them.

Today the people of Haiti are still suffering from destruction of a powerful earthquake. Many were killed. Lord grant supplies, food, water, and shelter for those left alive. Put Your mighty arms of love and comfort around those grieving the loss of their loved ones.


Also many innocents are caught and left behind in Afghanistan. Our military are there trying to help them escape to safety. Lord, we ask for Your mighty protective covering of the blood of Jesus to cover each and every one. Bring them all out safely, both civilians and military. Lord, we ask for Your warrior angels to fight the enemy that wants to kill, steal, and destroy.

Lord, it seems that all the world has gone crazy. Everything is upside down, wrong side out, and crazy. Many of Your people are in paths of destruction. Hurricanes, floods, evil armies set on killing all those in their path, and earthquakes are raging across our world now.

Now we know Satan is responsible for all this destruction. For it’s his desire to kill, steal, and destroy. But You Lord are more powerful. You separated the Rea Sea for the Israelites to cross over. And you destroyed the enemy intend on killing them. Lord, do it again.

In fact there are many Red Seas now. So we ask you to provide a miracle of safety and escape to all who are facing enemies, both of armies and of nature. Part the Red Sea of lack. And grant Your supernatural power for provision. Send those who will help others and protect the helpers too.

Part the Red Sea of sickness and infirmity . Destroy this Covid virus and grant healing power to all those suffering. Also Lord, let me add those suffering from cancer to that list. There are many suffering from the curse of cancer and even the treatments for cancer. So part the Red Sea of cancer and provide healing to all those suffering. In fact Lord, provide a cure for this evil.

After all You are omnipotent, omnipresent, and all powerful. So we’re asking for Your intervention, for Your Holy Spirit to cover all these people on Earth

Deliver all from the paths of destruction. Heal those that need healing. Grant supply to those that need supply. Also deliver and free those in bondage and slavery. And help those facing sure death escape to tell the story of how You provided escape.

Lord, we need You to come forth. In fact we’re asking You to step in all our affairs and straighten this world out. We look to You for salvation, deliverance, safety, and freedom. Come Lord Jesus, come. For we need You more now than ever. So come now Lord Jesus. Come.


We ask all this in Jesus Name. And I speak to these paths of destruction. In Jesus name you paths of destruction cease. Amen.


There is none like You, O Lord; You are great, and great is Your mighty and powerful name. Jeremiah 10:6 AMP

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  1. Amen. Praise God.
    Only you are in control. Only you are mighty.
    Help us not to use our limited wisdom or lean on our own understanding. But to trust in you.

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