IMG_3241Lord, I praise you for all these clothes that are now too big for me, 41 pieces total. Wow!  Now I have the joy of giving them away or trading them for new ones at the consignment shop. I do enjoy shopping for new clothes. You give me all that I need and for  a price I can afford too.  Thank you.

I remember Halloween’s of the past. I’d buy the cheapest candy I could find. I bought candy I didn’t like thinking I wouldn’t eat it. That plan never worked. I always ended up eating whatever was left. It didn’t matter that I didn’t like it. It was candy and I couldn’t throw candy away. So I ate it all.

While I was in this binge mode my thinking was irrational. My sanity disappeared. To binge on cheap yucky candy is insanity. But the compulsion to eat it was stronger than my wish to loss weight. I was always defeated by the Halloween candy. I felt oppressed by the candy. Every year I did the same thing. I developed a fear of candy because it had power over me and made me eat it. It overwhelmed and defeated me every year.

You, Lord had the perfect weight loss plan designed just for me. You knew exactly what  would work. You provided a plan of baby steps so I could experience success. Because of  Your  plan I realized that food was not stronger than me. I was no longer compelled to eat it. Freedom-what a wonderful gift You gave me. I bow before You in praise.

I  bought more candy for this year. Hubby instructed me to buy candy he likes so he could enjoy what was left. He said he hated the cheap candy and it was a waste of money. Thank you Lord, he is learning that one small piece is enough.

Teach us how to enjoy the pleasure of food within Your Presence. It’s not the candy that’s evil. It’s our greedy hearts for selfish pleasure that’s evil. Renew our minds so we can eat with sanity. Renew our hearts so that we want You more than candy. I’m grateful that in my food plan You allow me to have desserts.

Since this new bag of candy has 252 pieces I can have a piece of candy everyday for almost a year. The interesting thing is now that You have given me permission to eat some for  dessert, I’m no longer compelled to consume the bag.  I’m satisfied with just one small piece, maybe two, until the next meal.

I praise You for delivering me from this compulsion to overeat and from the power that candy had over me. You’ve set me free from my enemy and I’ll worship You forevermore. I want to serve You with my life. I love  you Lord.

My child, I love you too. Your yielded heart is My pleasure. I offer unto you abundant life, not life defeated by a bag of candy, but a life of victory. “Victory is Mine saith the Lord.” I will give you victory. I’ve come to set you free from this bondage. No longer will you binge, never again,  for I have given you freedom. Now go and serve others the abundance of your sweets. Remember to share My sweet with them too.

Who remembered us in our lowly state, for His mercy endures forever, and rescued us from our enemies. For His mercy endures forever; who gives food to all flesh, for His mercy endures forever. Psalm 136: 23-26

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9


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