IMG_5110 (Note: After reading a post from http://www.365fitjournal.wordpress.com, I realized this way of eating is stress-free. I haven’t thought about it. Yes, this is stress-free eating. Notice I said eating, not dieting. Thank you 365fitjournal for helping me see this. -She’s eating the same as I am. Check out her blog.)

80 pounds gone! Victory! How can this be? I’m eating regular food. I’m not dieting at all.

— Lord, I’m so amazed at what You’ve done.  I stood on the scales last Sunday and had a total weight loss of 80 pounds. You created this miracle in my life. Four years ago, even two years ago, I never thought this was possible.

For the past 41 years, I’ve struggled with my excess weight and dieting.  I’ve experienced so many diet failures that I developed a failure complex and considered myself a total failure at life. Now I’m free and I know I’m not a failure.

241 pounds, wearing the last blouse that still fit.

You did it Lord. You took a huge overweight woman (241 lbs.) created a new creature full of joy and self-confidence. Lord, I have confidence in You and Your delivering power to set us free.

You’re the One that told me to eat only three meals a day and no snacks. You told me to cut my food in half and now look at the results, 80 pounds forever gone.

Yesterday, someone said to me, “If you keep losing weight, you’ll blow away.” Lord, no one has ever said that to me before. Thank you. Amazing.

I don’t have to ever worry about the weight coming back because I’m not on a diet. In the past when I went on a diet, I always gained my weight back plus more when I returned to my normal eating. But I’m eating normal now, just less. Therefore, I won’t gain my weight back. This is stress-free eating.

I haven’t weighed any food, counted any calories, carbs, or servings in two years. I can have desert (small amounts) at each meal. Occasionally I’ve eaten one Hersey’s Kiss for desert after breakfast. Wow! This is stress-free eating.

After eating half a chocolate chip cookie, I decided I didn’t want the Hersey’s chocolate kiss I had. The chocolate in the half cookie was enough to satisfy me. This is stress-free eating.

Once while eating a half of a half Subway, I ate one potato chip and decided I really didn’t want any more. Yes, I can eat just one. This is stress-free eating. They’ve removed Blue Bell ice cream from the store. I didn’t buy more ice cream and binge because my favorite is gone. No, I’ll just wait for it to come back. I know it will. This is stress-free eating.

I’m amazed at the size I can now wear. Yesterday I purchased size 12 capris, size 12 shorts, and even a size 6 jacket. They all fit. It took my breath. Lord, I’m amazed at what You have done. It’s stress-free living when I try on smaller clothes and they actually fit. Amazing.IMG_5111

This is freedom. I’m not on a diet. I’m not in bondage to obesity or diets anymore.  You said You came to set us  free and I’m free indeed. Stress-free too, over my diet, my size, and my clothes.

Lord this is a miracle. You are healing my body from all those years of self-abuse. Thank you.

IMG_4712How can I ever repay You for the freedom I now have?

My child, I don’t expect repayment. I want your love. I enjoy blessing My children. It brings Me pleasure to reward them for obedience.  If only the others still struggling could taste and see that My Presence is sweet and satisfying, then I would set them free too.  

Tell them of My love and the freedom that I offer. I have plans for each life, plans for a hope and a future. If they come to Me I will grant them victory. For I am victory and I am freedom. IMG_4421

My children,  come to Me for I offer you freedom.


– – – Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36

– – – My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouth shall praise You with joyful lips. Psalm 63:5

– – – Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation. Psalm 68: 19

– – – Because You have been my help. Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice. Psalm 63:7

This is a really bad picture, but I wanted you to see the change in my body. God has truly worked a miracle. I’m amazed at what He has done for me. I’m so grateful. I want to tell everyone about His power to set us free.



    1. This past January another blogger friend suggested we make a pack to walk 5000 steps a day. I thought, “Why not, I’ll join her little group.”
      So I am still trying to make those 5000 steps a day. If you want to do that, you can add the Pacer App on your cell, it will count steps.
      In the beginning I didn’t exercise, I didn’t feel like it. But now I try to walk the 5000 steps most days and I try to ride a stationary bike for approx 30 minutes. I mainly do these to keep from being bored. My hubby took on a temporary job and he’s gone on weekdays.
      But it has helped and I do feel better. I have now lost 91 pounds. I am now smaller than the woman he married. Ha ha
      Concerning the prayer, most every morning I start my day talking to God. I write my thoughts, questions, and complaints to God. Then I write what comes to me. I feel that is God speaking to my heart. You should try it. God will speak to your heart.

  1. AMAZING! Debbie, you could say that you are a “LOST CAUSE” I know in reality that God says that there are no lost causes, but you are. Look at all that weight LOSS!
    Love and prayer for you,

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