Who Did It?

20130411-094416.jpgLord, I want to say I lost 91 pounds.


So I can say I did it.

You did it?

Uh- No Lord, You did it. You delivered me from this 87 pounds. But what about this last 4 pounds, so I can say I lost 91 pounds?

Why do you want the goal of 91 pounds?

So I can say I did it.

Did you lose the 87 pounds by your own power?     IMG_0956

No Lord.  I lost the 87 pounds by Your power. It was only through You, I could have never done it by myself. I have no will power.

But what do I do about these last 4 pounds? I gave up deserts last month to lose these last few pounds and I stayed the same weight. So do I just maintain this total loss of 87 pounds or try to lose more?

I know I should probably make better food choices and give up sweets. But this journey has been one of freedom, not bondage to a diet. If I choose to diet now, I’ll be going against all that You taught me in the beginning of this walk with You. Do I eat even smaller portions now?

My child, what do you want?

I want to say I lost 91 pounds.IMG_4500


So I can say I did it.

Who done it?

Okay Lord, You done it. I only lost this weight through You and not of myself. It was a gift from You. My deliverance was a gift of freedom from You.

So what do I do now? Just relax, not worry about this last 4 pounds, and focus on maintenance? Lord, I see my poochy belly. That’s about 4 pounds. Maybe that 4 pounds could come from my legs. Have You seen my legs? If they were smaller I could wear those size 10 pants.

I know I’ve sought Your will over these last 4 pounds and then stayed the same weight. But I must confess to You I want more. I want to say I’ve lost 91 pounds.

Why, My child, is this so important to you?

So I can say I did it.IMG_1501

My grace is sufficient for you.

Does that mean no?

That means My grace is sufficient. Do you trust Me, My child?IMG_9502

Yes, I do.

Then Trust Me to determine your total weight loss. Be content with where I put you.

Yes Sir.

TRUST ME. My grace is sufficient.

Yes Sir. Okay, this is what I’m going to do: not weigh myself for a month, seek You will over food choices, drink more water, and exercise more.

My child, your deliverance did not come from your works. Your deliverance came from My grace, My free unmerited favor. Just as some think salvation come from works, you think deliverance will come from your works.

Just as your salvation was free to you, so is your deliverance  free to you for My grace is sufficient. You need to accept where you are now without striving for more. You trusted Me through this journey of weight loss, now trust Me to lead you to the finish line. Look to Me for your goal, not man-made charts.

Yes Sir. What do I do now?IMG_9140

Seek My will, seek My face. Walk with Me. Sing praises for Your victory. My child,  a number on a scale is not what I look for. A yielded heart is what I look for.

Oh Lord, I give my heart to You. Do with it as You wish.


– — With my own heart I have sought You. Oh, let me not wander from Your commandments. Psalm 119:10

But You, O God the Lord. Deal with me for Your name’s sake. Because Your mercy is good, deliver me. Psalm 109:21

I will praise You, for You have answered me, and have become my salvation. Psalm 118:21

Teach Me, O Lord, the ways of Your statues, and I shall keep it to the end. Psalm 19:33

Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way. Psalm 119:37

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  1. How very true is this ! Every time I , me, myself comes up and every time that quiet voice says- no, its not you, its me, whodunit. But it is so hard for us human beings to give up ourselves, when we want to be so important and say, our will power did it- when in fact His grace did it.

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