Watch and See What I Do

Watch and See

Now watch and see what I will do.

Lord, I admit I’m confused. Up, down, up, down, and up, down again. How can I break this cycle?

Child, you’re not. I AM.

But Lord, how? Please forgive me for I have an ugly, doubtful heart.

I repeat, “Watch and see what I will do.”

Lord, I’m so messed up. It seems the world has gone crazy. First of all everything on the news is depressing with the constant confusion, conflict, accusations, and tragedy. So many people are suffering.

And what about this upcoming Generation Z? After all, they face issues my generation never had to worry about? These babies need You. Not only are they growing up too fast, but a lot of them deal with major family issues such as divorce, drug use, etc. Some are presented sex education starting in kindergarten. Now due to information overload childhood innocence is destroyed, and many are confused about how You created them. As a result, they have to decide whether they are a fork or a spoon. It’s all so confusing! In fact Lord, if they don’t find you, I’m not sure there is hope. They need You! Show Yourself to them in a great and mighty way.

Also my family has many needs, spiritually, financially, healing and restoration. Overall families throughout are in great need of healing and restoration.

My child, you worry too much about many things. Give it all to Me.

And yet Lord, sometimes it seems my #1 priority is that number on my scales. Should I just forget trying to lose weight and instead focus on helping others? Should I just let it go?

What does it mean, “Watch and see what I will do”? Am I going to get sick and lose weight that way? Is it because I’m going to be punished for backsliding?

No Child, but you do need to let it go and give it to ME. Give Me all your worries and fears. Then watch and see what I will do.

First Lord, would You forgive me? It seems I made the scales a false god for I go to them first thing every morning. Then I let them determine my mood for the entire day.

Overall Lord, I feel confused. Let this time with You be according to Your will and not just me saying “I prayed”.

Child, you’re trying to be perfect. You can’t. No one can. You’re confused, overwhelmed, indecisive, and second guess all your choices because you’re trying to be perfect. Just “be” what I’ve called you to be.

Lord, what have You called me to be?

I’ve called you to be My friend, one whom I love. I’ve called you to trust Me, no matter what. Look to Me, not at what you see. Talk to Me about all things. Thank Me for all things, even what you consider unpleasant. Follow My guidance, My leading, and My directions in all things. In fact focus on Me, not your many distractions. Above all else, I’ve called you to love Me with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. 

You want perfect days. There are no perfect days. There are only days where you look to Me more than others. Remember: “Don’t look at what you see, instead look at Me” for I will bring you peace in the midst of all. Look to Me. Then watch and see what I do.


I cried out, “I’m slipping!” But Your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me. When doubts filled my mind, Your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.                  Psalm 94:18-19 NLT    

Victory comes from You, O Lord. May You bless your people. Interlude. Psalm 3:8 NLT

(“Interlude” means “Pause in His Presence.” After all, His Presence brings Victory.)Watch and see what God does


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