The Promised Big 'Weight Loss Goal' Blog Post

This is a wonderful success story from one of my favorite blogs. She gives wonderful advice. I just love her pictures. Isn’t it wonderful. Please check out her blog.

3 thoughts on “The Promised Big 'Weight Loss Goal' Blog Post”

      1. I have lost 54 pounds! I had ankle fusion surgery twice in 2011 & 2012 and colon cancer surgery in 2011 as well. I was overweight already at that time but after three surgeries I was laid up for two years. In April of this year I went to Washington DC to visit my son and I could not walk the long blocks without constantly sitting and resting.
        I started losing weight when I got home. I am a disabled vet due to the ankle fusion and was not supposed to walk long distance anymore, or even run. I have walked now in two 5K races and on Thanksgiving me and my daughter walked in our first 8K. I now go to the gym and walk e miles everyday on top of that. I’m thinking, why did I wait so many years to do this. I am so happy and excited and not dragged down anymore. I love this new lifestyle. How about you?

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