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     My husband and I went to a chinese buffet for lunch. Inwardly, I was filled with dread for I have been known to eat at least three plates of food at buffets and I am doing really well on this food plan for now. As I walked in the restaurant, I prayed, “Oh Lord, please help me resist! Please don’t let me be gluttonous today! I don’t want to mess up the success that I have now! God, are you there?”

      I sensed nothing, so I just got my plate, looked at all the food, and then I tried really hard to be choosy and only get what was truly good. I also tried to be moderate in the serving sizes. I talked to myself, “Only one plate this time, only one plate, only one plate”.  I fixed my plate and then I sat down to eat.

     After eating a little of everything on my plate, I decided that I really did like the General Tao chicken the best. So. . . I got another plate, but I only put more of the General Tao chicken on it. After I ate about half of it, I started to remember my prayer asking God for help. I looked at the remaining chicken left on my plate and wondered, “Should I stop now, or will it be okay just to finish this and then get no more?”

     I decided to drink some tea to take a minute to reconsider. After taking a nice sip of tea, I noticed there was something in my glass. As I looked closer, I realized that it was a piece of paper stuck inside my glass. I picked at it with my finger. As it came out, I laid it on the table to look at what it was. Then I saw what it was as I unfolded it. It was someone’s ‘fortune’ left from their fortune cookie. I guess they left it on the table. Then I guess this fortune went out with a pile of dirty dishes and stuck to the glass through both the wash and dry cycle of the dishwasher. Then it came to me stuck inside my glass of tea and I found it after drinking some tea.  Yuck!

    The fortune stated, “CONSUME LESS. SHARE MORE. ENJOY LIFE.”

     I then pushed both unfinished plates back, and told my husband, “Well, I guess God answered my prayer. I asked for help not to eat too much, and look at this fortune that was stuck inside my glass of tea!” My husband just laughed at me. I told  the waitress to take my plates and fork too. I didn’t want any more because now I was just grossed out and sick to my stomach. I also asked for another clean glass of tea. Yuck!

     Wow, Lord, you do have a sense of humor!  

      I sensed laughter as I placed the fortune in my wallet to keep as reminder.