Blaming God

Yes, it’s true. I’m blaming God with it.

As we left for the marriage seminar cruise, I was filled with excitement and apprehension. Hubby and I went with a large group from our church and headed for the Caribbean on Nov. 7th , 2016.

2016-11-11-10-21-39Lord, that ship is going to be filled with abundant food. How will I handle it? If someone tries to pressure me to eat, I think I’ll clobber ’em. I’m afraid, what if I go crazy and eat everything? How can I explain that to my ladies weight loss support group at church? They all assured me they would be praying for me. How can I be so afraid of “The Gluttony Ship?” Food everywhere I look, food, food, and more food. Lord, how can I manage all this food? Help! Continue reading Blaming God




Hey you, . . . come here.

Look at me, don’t you see me?

Oh baby,  don’t I look  good.

You just want to eat me with a spoon.

I’m so sweet and creamy.

Come on now. You know you want me.

I’m waiting here just for you.

All alone here by myself,

the last of my sweetness.


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