locked and chained
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     (My child, I watch as My children are seeking, turning, searching, fighting, and struggling in battles within their own self power. If only they would come unto Me, I would show forth unto them the way to walk. Do they not know that I am the answer to every question? Do they not know that I am the road to a life more abundantly? I am the way, the truth, and the light! If only they would seek My voice, I would show unto them the way to walk. I am the answer for all that concerns them, but woe unto them that seek to follow their own self-conceived plans. Continue reading ANSWER TO SELF-IMPOSED PRISON


     Sarah is riding along the “Highway of Life” in her brand new convertible carrying several gifts in the trunk that her Father had personally selected just for her. She has just put the top down and she is driving down the road smiling all smugly and excited just to see what is next down the road. The warm wind is blowing in her face; her hair is down and flowing freely all around. She feels totally free for the first time in her life. Totally free as she drives down the road. Continue reading NEVER OPEN THE DOOR FOR STRANGERS!


Shockingly diverse kindergarten group in Paris
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     (My children, there are laws of eternity of which I spoke into existence. These laws are throughout eternity and cannot be changed or reversed for My word cannot return void. Once, spoken, My Word is forever. The enemy, shrew serpent that he is, knows this and he is taking advantage of the gift of free will given to mankind. He is using their free will to influence the choices of mankind in the transgression of My eternal laws. These transgressions will ultimately destroy all mankind.) Continue reading LAWS OF ETERNITY

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