20131026-071706.jpg     Lord, everything about my job is changing! It seems as though management has lost their minds! Their new expectations seem so unachievable, unrealistic, impossible, and just plain crazy!  I am so overwhelmed by all this! Lord, I must admit to You that I have complained very loudly and constantly to my co-workers. I have also noticed that when I complain, another co-worker complains, then another, and the complaining spreads like wildfire until everyone is complaining! All of us end up overwhelmed and full of despair!

Lord, was this how the Israelites sounded in the desert? I know we are a murmuring, complaining bunch, but aren’t we entitled due to all the unrealistic demands from management? Lord, I don’t want to stay stuck in this job for 40 years!  It seems that the more we complain, the more confusion and anger there is! All of us have expressed feeling trapped! Continue reading COMPLAINING SPREADS LIKE WILDFIRE! (*Note)




IMG_2007Lord, I confess to You that I love ice cream! I love how it tastes! I love how it feels in my mouth! I also confess to You that I ate two pork chops last night at supper, then I ate chocolate cup cakes and cookies for desert. Lord, I ate all that due to stress and frustration! I am so frustrated, depressed, and disappointed! I feel entrapped in a job that is no longer satisfying.  I am full of doubt, especially self-doubt. If the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, and a broken contrite heart, then I guess I qualify for I certainly feel broken! I feel broken in my spirit for sure and I have no willpower! I am just a broken vessel that cannot hold water!

Continue reading NO LONGER BROKEN, VICTORIOUS INSTEAD! (Past writings)

THE TUMMYACHE! (Past writing ** see note at end.)


Lord, forgive my gluttony last night at supper.  I was so tired from helping my parents prepare their house for their out-of-town company. After I got home I just wanted to go to bed, but then I had company of my own coming! I had to prepare our supper and then clean up. I just wanted to lay my head on the kitchen table and go to sleep! My supper consisted of bought fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn on the cob, and for dessert “hot apple pie”. Then because I  was so very tired and stressed out, I searched the kitchen for more food! I found a Snicker Bar,  peanut butter cookies, and a nice piece of Boston Crème pie.

Continue reading THE TUMMYACHE! (Past writing ** see note at end.)


IMG_1790     Lord, last night I ate everything, everything I could find! You know this, You saw it all!  I hate my failures! It seems like they are always there staring at me! “Not good enough, don’t measure up, no self-control! Failure, failure!” I hear all the taunts of self-accusation! Lord, I am just a “major failure” defeated by a wimpy sin! Where do I go from here? Is there any hope for me?  Will I ever get victory?  Oh Lord, why do You reach out to me in love and hope at all? I just know I am a disappointment to You! Continue reading I CALL YOU, "VICTORY", MY CHILD!


IMG_946920131016-044541.jpg                                        Good morning Lord! Thank you Lord for a new day! Lord, I thought I heard You say, “Get up, go weigh yourself.” So I did, but the scales only went down 2 ounces. So Lord, why did You want me to weigh again this morning? Continue reading NEW RULE: ANSWER TO THE PREVIOUS UGLY



[Written on December 30, 2013]

Lord, here I am again! Help me Lord! I went on a binge again last night! First, it started with the taco chips at the Mexican restaurant and then I ate all the taco salad including all the crispy shell. Then when I got home I proceeded to the cake, candy, ice cream, and even more snack cakes! Lord, I know better, I can’t believe I have done it again! I had almost made it a whole month without bingeing, I had almost earned a month-long “Recovery chip”. Oh my Lord, why did I do this again? I have lost 37 pounds, but if I keep this up I will just blow back up like a balloon in only one month! Oh why, why did I do this again? Continue reading STARTING OVER IN GOD'S PRESENCE!


20131117-150758.jpg— He gives power to the weak. And to those who have no might He increases strength. Isaiah 40:29 NKJV

Lord, help me for I am struggling in this battle! Yes, I am staying obedient to Your eating plan for me, three meals a day, with small portions and nothing in between. But Lord, I still want more and more food! Continue reading ANTICIPATE THE VICTORY!


IMG_2312Lately, the Lord convicted of getting two extra spoonful’s of this or that. I knew in my heart that if I chose to continue eating, it would greatly disappoint My Lord! He has done so much for me that I do not want to disappoint Him! The conviction was so strong to STOP and walk away! Then the Lord led me to pull out some of my “old writings” and I found this from the past.  You see, He has talked to me about this before! Yes, He has many times before. Continue reading OBEY THE RED LIGHTS! (WRITING FROM THE PAST)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA101108 132-auto      — I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.     Psalm 32:8 NKJV

Thank you Lord for this assurance. I don’t have to worry anymore, I just have to look to You to tell me what and how to do. Thank you for taking the burden of  responsibility off me. I know that You know “ALL”, therefore I can trust You to guide me. Oh, what peace in surrender to You, My Lord! Continue reading MY HOPE AND MY VICTORY!


20131017-084034.jpgGood morning Lord!

— I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.                   Psalm 32:8 NKJV

(My child, do you trust Me?)

Yes Sir, I do trust You. Continue reading NOT THE POPSICLES!