SHOULD I EXERCISE? (Trying again)

IMG_3113(Note: Please accept my apologies if you are receiving a duplicate of this post. When I posted this the first time, only half of the article  went through. I don’t know why this happened. I did have a virus and carried the computer to the repairman. I thought he had fixed it. I do appreciate your patience and understanding.)

Today Lord, I decided to go for a walk. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and there was  a light breeze. The sunshine felt warm and wonderful. I enjoyed visiting with a couple as they decorated their yard. Further down, I talked with a  young mother as she supervised her daughter.  Instead of it being the drudgery of exercise, this walk was a pleasure.  At one point I was singing praise songs to You and I felt Your Presence with Me.

I have been reading about all the exercise programs that others are doing to lose weight. Do You think I should be exercising? With Your help I have already lost 63 pounds, but all these others are working so hard with their plans.  After yoga, aerobics, and running, one lady said she dances while she cooks supper. I think I’d die if I tried to keep up with her. I get tired just reading about her exercise.

IMG_2284Although, I am beginning to wonder if I need to do some type of exercise. A sister in law used to talk about taking belly dancing lessons. After looking at this outfit I decided that belly dancing is not for me. Lord, You have seen my belly and it’s not a pretty sight. Sometimes, it even dances by itself. No, I don’t think belly dancing is for me.

I downloaded an app to measure my steps as I walk and was able to walk a mile today. That was quite an accomplishment for me since I was considering a nap instead. Everything in me screams in rebellion at the idea of a structured exercise program. Everywhere I look people are working hard to work off their excess weight. I rather curl up with a good book. Lord, what do You think I should do?

I designed your body for flexibility and strength. You have heard that if you don’t use it, you will lose it. That’s true. Exercise for the joy of moving is good. When the exercise program becomes the focus of your life, that’s not good. Your focus should be to help those struggling with life, rather than the number of repetitions in your workout. But, you do need to move those body parts to keep them loose and moving freely. Otherwise early stiffness will set in just as rust will set in metal that has been sitting in place.

Ernestine Shepherd

          My child, you get to choose to exercise or not. Your decision to or not does not affect My purpose or My plans.  Did you see My daughter that chooses to work out and run 10 miles everyday? She is 77 years old with a body any 20 year would love. The difference is that she shares about My love and the strength that is found in My Presence. She reads My Word every day and that is her greatest exercise.

I have given you free will to chose and  I have made a provision for you in case you choose not to exercise.


11 thoughts on “SHOULD I EXERCISE? (Trying again)”

  1. Wow what a powerful post and yes I needed to hear it so thank you for sharing your chat with the almighty with me, I’ll take it as heard. As you might know from my blog I became obsessed with exercise and it wasn’t healthy mentally for me, I’d just substituted food obsession with something else so now I enjoy more control over this aspect of my life. I never feel so good as when I am out exercising in the fresh air, I’ve noticed that when I take in my surroundings more, when I stop to look at natures gems and stand a while to listen to the sounds around me I feel more calm, stronger and more energised than I did when I was rushing through life.

    1. During my last walk, I stopped to talk to a neighbor. She is legally blind and her husband had knee replacement surgery. I am going to take her to a ladies Bible study so she can socialize with other ladies her age and have Bible study too! Isn’t God good? He works all things out and He directs our steps .

      1. I always find it mind blowing when I think of the hand that has led me on my life journey. I always thought I was in control and wondered why I made such bad choices but of course I learned so much from them which is why I’m who I am right now and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. Exercising is hard for me, but I am giving it a go. Being so heavy still, it’s very tiring and hard to get my body to move in the ways I want it to. I have always wanted to learn to dance, though–not belly dancing, no… Maybe swing dancing! Or Salsa! Something very fun and partner-oriented. I promised myself that once I lose 100 of the 150 lbs. I need to lose, my “reward” is going to be dancing lessons. I’m so used to being rewarded with food that I figured I should change it up and reward myself with something good–something fun that will hopefully make me happy! I’m starting to save already. By the time I make it to that goal, I will hopefully have enough money for lessons. So if you want to dance, dance! It doesn’t have to be belly dancing! 🙂

    1. Rachel, don’t wait, dance now. Dance is the privacy of your home. Dance for the joy of it. Once, I was so very depressed and I cried out to God. He told me, “Dance.” So I shut the door of my bedroom so it would be just me and God, then I danced in worship to Him. A five minute jig brought a smile to my heart and I began to be lifted out of that depression. Check out a past blog, “Dance or Despair.” We get to choose, do we dance or do we despair?
      Glad to hear from you, keep on keeping on. You are on your way to victory, girl!

    2. love both your comments! I’m with Rachel about moving. But was in pool 2X last week. Swimming is my love, but I swim-exercise, kinda my dance from the Lord! I couldn’t swim and was very afraid, but after months on a noodle I found I could swim! A gift! PTL!

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