Lord, forgive me. I am only eating two meals a day as You instructed but Lord, I am so hungry when the meals come! I eat too fast and I eat too much! I did good at lunch yesterday. I actually left some and then I gave it away. But last night at supper, I messed up! I thought it would be okay, but this morning I am so full and bloated. I know from experience that if I wake up empty feeling then I am losing weight. But Lord, I am now so miserably full this morning! Lord, should I start cutting my portions in half? I do want to lose weight, but I do not want to go the rest of my life eating only salads, green beans, and baked chicken! Lord, you know how much I love my deserts. If I have to go through life never eating sweets again, I feel as though I wouldn’t be living. Sweets are truly one of the joys of life! Lord, forgive my overeating and help me, lead me, direct me how to eat in such a way that it will bring you glory.

     (My child, I want you to hunger after Me! You know the pleasure of holding a morsel of desert in your mouth and experiencing with pleasure the taste of sweetness. My child, I want to be your ‘desert’! I want you to consider being in My presence as sweet as your desert. My child, you plan your deserts, you look forward to eating them.You also make sure that desert is there with each meal. Plan to be with Me! Make sure to seek My presence throughout your day. My presence is sweet, sweeter than anything you have ever experienced! Come unto Me and I will show you! For I am the sweetness of your life! I am to be your reward, or rather the desert of your life! Look at Me with the same excitement that you look at a desert!

     You can try cutting your portions in half if you want to, but that is not required. The only ‘requirement’ is that you seek My guidance and follow completely My instructions, for I will help you break free from this bondage. I know that you long for the size 8 dress again, but My wish for you, My child, is for you to be totally free of this bondage and it never returns to torment you again! My child, I want you free! Free indeed!)

     Lord, help me to only do Your will today. I give myself to You, what would You have me to do? What can I do to prove my love to You? Do You want me to go without eating at all? Do you want me to spend my life just serving others, waiting on them hand and foot, just to prove my love for You? Do You want me to give away everything that I own to others to prove my love for You? Do You want me to serve You in some foreign land to prove my love for You? Lord, how can I possibly show You love? I lack the capacity to show You the love that You are worthy of!

     (“My child, My child. . .”) I sense that God is shaking His head at me.

     (Don’t you yet even know that, My child, I need nothing from you to prove your love for me. I do not ask for sacrifice. False, demanding  evil gods require great sacrifices from their subjects to prove their love. I AM NOT A FALSE GOD, therefore I need no sacrifices for I can see deep down into the depths of your innermost heart. I know what is there, I know your love is real. Therefore, I demand no outward show of devotion for I behold the hearts of all My children. I know what they do not know even about themselves. I know all!)

     Lord, I want to do something to show you, to prove to you, maybe to prove to myself just how much I love You. How? What can I do?

     (Worship Me, My child. Worship Me, love Me with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your mind.)

     Deuteronomy.6:5 NKJV :”You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.

     (As you worship, My presence, My power will come and you will become strong within Me. Worship Me so that I may build a strong intimate relationship with you. As you give yourself to Me in worship, I will give you strength, power, wisdom, understanding, and discernment. Therefore, from day-to-day, activity to activity, you will have the inner knowledge, wisdom, and discernment about every situation of your life. For it is My will to bring about all things together for the good to bless your life. For you are My child and I choose not t demand  great sacrifices from My children. I only want their undivided love and obedience so that I may reward their lives abundantly. I want to give unto My children some of My heaven on their Earth for I long for all My children to be with Me. I am preparing a place for them now, a place beyond their comprehension. I long to give unto My children everything!)

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