Chewing Issues


He chewed the outside lamb shade. He chewed the wooden bench.  He chewed the rug I gave him to sleep on. He has major chewing issues. (I’m thinking . . . something feels strangely similar.)


Hubby was angry. “I didn’t spend my hard earned money for him to destroy what we have.”

“But he’s the grandchildren’s dog and they can’t have him in the apartment. I couldn’t let them  give him away. Last  year their mother stayed up all night to img_9535save this dog from Porvo. We prayed for him and he lived.

The children’s other dog died because someone put out antifreeze. Their mother used part of her income tax refund to put that dog out of its suffering. Then she used more income tax refund to have this dog neutered.They can’t give him away.

The grandchildren can’t lose this dog. They love him. It won’t be permanent. As soon as they move into a house they can have their dog back.


Googled. What I learned about why dogs chewing:

1. If the dog is a puppy,  it’s likely play and investigation, perhaps teething, that’s the motive. (I’ve eaten a lot of food just to taste it. If it didn’t taste good, sometimes  I still ate it. Hubby says I have no food standards.)

2.Dogs that raid garbage and steal food off counters are obviously motivated by the presence and odour of food. (Yep, I know that feeling. Hate to confess, but I’ve eaten food out of the garbage too. Not lately though.)

3. Some dogs are attempting to escape confinement. (Been there, done that. Stuck at home with no transportation or money, I binged to escape.)

4. For some dogs chewing may be an outlet for anxiety. (I’ve overate due to worry and stress. Somehow I got it messed up that eating food made things better. Wrong. It only made my bottom bigger.)

5. Direct the chewing into appealing alternatives, sufficient play and exercise. (Sounds like old fashioned diet and exercise- hmmm.)

6. You must ensure that you are not inadvertently rewarding the chewing behaviour. (How many times have I used food as a reward for my good behavior?)

7. As a puppy, he wasn’t taught what to chew and what not to chew. (Yep, we overeat because it’s our families fault. They didn’t teach us healthy eating. Sure. Right.)

8. He’s bored. (Yep, I’ve eaten a lot because I was bored too.)

9. He suffers from separation anxiety. His behavior is fear-related. (See #4.)

10. He wants attention. (I overate to console myself when I felt overlooked, but I wouldn’t call it “wanting attention.”)

Dogs chew for a variety of reasons. (Yea, me too.)

Chewing can become a compulsive behavior when the dog is lonely, bored, stressed or anxious. (So can overeating.)


I’ve discovered I like to chew food. Do you?  I chewed when I was bored, lonely, depressed, restless, or frustrated. How many times have you ate for the same reasons? No wonder the size of my pants grew. Now instead of eating more food, I chew sugar free gum and plastic toothpicks. Chewing is a stress relieving. Don’t you think so?

By the way, I bought the dog some chewing toys. His favorite toy is one my granddaughter brought from her house.  See that smile. Yep, He really smiles. How can you not love this dog?img_9504img_9497


Lord, tell me what to do about this dog? He’s so lonely during the days when the children are not here. How can I keep him happy? How can I make him feel loved?

Walk the dog. It’s good for you. It’s good for him. I already instructed you to walk to keep strong, so walk the dog.

Yes Sir

7 thoughts on “Chewing Issues”

  1. Deborah,
    What a beautiful, honest post ! You have not minced words here. That’s why I love reading about you- your honesty is truly humbling.
    You must keep this dog- he really seems a happy dog and thank God for his human mother( your daughter in law) who loves him with her whole heart.
    What about your cat ? Does he adjust with the dog ?
    If the dog is kept outside, how does he manage ? Do you have a walled in property ?
    You are truly motivational and God is with you- ample proof of his love- this dog.

    1. Awww. Thank you so much. Your kind comments humbles me.
      The cat got offended and left. We have not seen her since. She rarely let me touch her, so I guess she’ll be alright. I left food and water out for her, but we have not seen her anywhere.
      The dog is loving and content to sit at my feet.
      We do have a fenced in yard. He goes under Hubby’a shed to get cool. Summer s here and it’s hot.

      Again thank you so much for your encouragement. It’s friends like you that keep me going.
      God bless you and keep you

  2. Did you get a crate for him. He reminds me of a beagle mix we had one time. Chewed our entire phone cord into 1/4 inch pieces. Walking is such a good way to tire them out. Praying for you as you get this lil guy under control. He is really cute!

    1. Not yet. Poor thing, Hubby won’t let him in the house.
      We had grandkids over to play with him and that seems to make him happy.
      He is growing on my heart though. I told their mother that he just might become my dog.
      She said, “Never.” She holds him in her lap and kisses him. Not me- yet.????

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