Blaming God

Yes, it’s true. I’m blaming God with it.

As we left for the marriage seminar cruise, I was filled with excitement and apprehension. Hubby and I went with a large group from our church and headed for the Caribbean on Nov. 7th , 2016.

2016-11-11-10-21-39Lord, that ship is going to be filled with abundant food. How will I handle it? If someone tries to pressure me to eat, I think I’ll clobber ’em. I’m afraid, what if I go crazy and eat everything? How can I explain that to my ladies weight loss support group at church? They all assured me they would be praying for me. How can I be so afraid of “The Gluttony Ship?” Food everywhere I look, food, food, and more food. Lord, how can I manage all this food? Help!

What about this marriage seminar? Will my marriage survive?  What will we say to each other? The real question is, will I be nice to him? To my friends, I laughed and covered my mouth with my hand. “This is my plan for the marriage workshop.  Keep my mouth shut.” We all laughed, but the truth is Hubby don’t take to well to criticism, and neither do I.

2016-11-11-09-00-51He walks around saying, “I hate it when I’m always right.” I stomp right behind him, “Yea, I hate it when you’re always right too.” Lord, help us.


How the Gluttony Monster looks to me. Is He going on this trip too?

 You’re waiting to see how it turned out, aren’t you? What do you want first, the marriage seminar or how the gluttony fears turned out? If the marriage seminar turns sour, I’m blaming God. After all, this was His idea. Do you blame God when your things don’t turn out right? Isn’t it wonderful He understands our weaknesses and our silly confusions. It is He who works out all things for our good. He keeps saying, “Trust Me.”

If I gained weight, it’s my fault. I ate whatever I wanted, but only three meals a day. Yes, the leftover queen had to adjust knowing the food left on her plate was going in the garbage. I couldn’t bring it home. Sigh. Yes, I did drink a lot of water, didn’t like their tea. Sometimes I ordered two appetizers and two desserts at a meal just so I could taste it. Sometimes I ate half of both, sometimes not, but I tasted whatever I wanted. We did take the stairs a lot, but not to lose weight or work off food. No, it was for convenience. Elevators were too full.  I was so overwhelmed by all the different foods that I could taste and enjoy, I forgot all about making good food choices. Besides we all know how I love desserts. I’m blaming God how it turned out. Yep, He did it. Keep reading.


From My Journal After Returning Home

 For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4: 15-16

Lord, I am afraid. It’s time to weigh myself. My body is still full. (So full, I had to get help from the drug store yesterday. TMI ) I had a bad attitude over the marriage seminar. There’s only two things wrong with Hubby. He won’t listen to everything I say and he won’t do everything I want. Sigh.

 Even though I left a lot of food, I still overate. Didn’t take my low thyroid meds. Just forgot. I wanted the scales to at least show no gain, but now I’m afraid to face the scales. Lord, I’ve disappointed everyone. This trip was a flop. (Reader, keep reading.)

No My child, this trip was not a flop. List the good things. Think upon the good.

  1. Don’t man/husband bash just to make someone else feel better.

My child, I said, “List what was good. What were your blessings on this trip.”

  1. I found an US nickel on the ground at the Mayan ruins. Five blessings. (That was Me, My child. I heard your heart cries for a memento not a bought souvenir. I knew how much it means to you when you find a coin on the ground, so I arranged it for you.)
  2.  I survived the underwater secret river trip, swimming in a cavern. (That was Me, My child. You had a victory. You overcame your fears. You fell down at one point, but you got up and continued on unhurt, except for your pride. You could lose some of that, you know.)                          

Lord,  all my friends are looking to hear a good weight report. Now I’ve failed them all.

You did alright. Trust Me. Look at Me, not those others. Let Me determine your ways. Now finish your good list.

3. I loved the bed, so soft with two duvets for cover. I felt like I was sleeping in a marshmallow.

4. I carried my own lap blanket with me and that kept me warm on that air-conditioned, cold to me,  boat.

5. The balcony was nice. I had a couple of times out there with You Lord, so sweet to be in Your Presence.

Lord, I failed. I was not a good example to anyone on this trip.

My child, what about the lady who said you helped her as she thought of you and only ate a half hamburger? On this cruise did you ever eat all that was on your plate?

No Sir, I let go of a lot of food. But I also ordered more to taste. My weakness is desserts and those appetizers.

My child, you never ate a whole one of anything. Couldn’t that be considered a victory?  Why are you looking only at a number on a box as your victory?

Because that’s what we use to gauge ourselves.

Use Me to gauge yourself.

Lord, I have not been the strong one on this cruise.

My child, you were never the strong one and you will never be the strong one for I AM the strong one – I AM.  Your strength is only found in Me for I am your strength and not of yourself.


Result of standing on scales: Lost three pounds. I couldn’t believe it. Stood on them twice just to make sure. Wow.

Result of marriage seminar: We’re still married. Forgiveness rules.

Result of cruise: Success and victory!

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Love that man, even if he is always right.

Yep, I’m blaming God for it all. He did it in His power and mercy. Thank you Lord.