Tempting Desert Bar

You have brought me so many victories this past week. Last night I was so exhausted, but You provided a distraction that kept me too occupied to eat. At night the gluttony monster shows up, but I was too busy to pay attention to his temptations this time. Thank you.

(My child, I saw how tired you were and provided.)

Now here I am at the ‘all you can eat’ buffet. Help me. There’s so much food here,  it’s difficult to breathe. The salad bar looks pitiful with wilted lettuce and I don’t like any of these soups. Oh, I can’t eat this salad. The vegetables look so boring, it’s all just the same old foods they had the last time I came here, months ago.  I’m getting anxious, what if  I  lose self control and eat everything? Hmm, the steak portions look about half size, I ‘ll try that. Guess I’ll get some carrots and cabbage, squash too. Maybe this will be alright after all.  My plate looks full and satisfying. If I chew real slow, I can make this food last until he gets finished. I hope I’m not still hungry when this plate is empty. But I will eat only one plate of food, hear me, just one plate.

Okay Lord, I cleaned my plate and I still want to eat. He is still eating, I married the slowest eater in the world. Now what do I do, sit here and twiddle my thumbs while he eats. Oh man, he’s getting a second plate. Do I just sit here, what do I do? Guess I could check out the deserts. I ‘ll just get a small one, maybe three or four small ones. No, I’ll just get one small one and a little ice cream. Look at all these deserts.

Look at that man, he has made himself an ice cream float. I said “Now that’s the way to do it.” He replied, “Yes, I made myself a float” Then I got about half a small bowl of ice cream and looked at all the other deserts with desire. Guess I’ll try this little chocolate pie. They have made all the deserts in smaller portions. I wonder why that is? If  I eat just half this little pie, maybe it will be just enough sweet to satisfy me.

I turned to go back to my table  with the chocolate pie and ice cream. That man walked up to me, smiled and said, “I know you don’t know this, but you are beautiful. God made you this way and you have done a good job of taking care of it” Then he walked away as I stood there in shock.

I did eat half of the little pie and half of my small portion of ice cream, but the allure of all these deserts just left as I savored the enjoyment of his praise. I lost all desire to overeat anything and just sat there basking in the pleasure of his compliment.

When we left I looked for the man, but he was no where to be found. Lord, is it possible that You could have sent an angel in disguise to save me from the temptations of a desert bar? It seems to me that the world is in crisis, but You would take the time to save me from a desert bar.

(If My children knew all that I arrange for their benefit, it would amaze them. )

— When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94:18-19 NIV

— For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11 NIV