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     My apologies to all that have read this blog in the past. I thought that if I wrote about overeating on a blog, it would help me stop overeating.  I was so wrong and guilty. Therefore, I quit writing posts when I returned to overeating because I felt that it was hypocritical to write about losing weight when my face was in the feeding trough. So I stopped writing and prayed even more while I still continued to overeat. God, through His mercy and forgiveness, answered my prayers.

      Thorough His grace and mercy, a new program has started at our church, “Celebrate Recovery“. I was very interested since I needed help with both co-dependency and my food/bingeing addiction.

     I have never been anorexic, but I have prayed to become one. Years ago, I tried purging, using the help of Syrup of Ipec (no longer available on the market) and a spoon; but I got sick of being throwing up, so I wasn’t successful at becoming  bulimic. I tried using laxatives for a very short while, but I wasn’t succesful at that either, thank God. It seems the only thing I was really succesful at was MAJOR BINGEING. At times, especially when my husband worked night shift, I would just eat until I passed out on the sofa.

      When my pastor  announced at church about this program, I became hopeful. I immediately volunteered to help. I also volunteered to take charge of refreshments for the group. What irony! At our leadership/organizational meetings, I would take homemade breads, and other assorted snacks, then on the way home from the meeting, I would consume over half of what was left. Then I really started eating! Wow! Back to my old ways and old habits! What a hypocrite!

       Finally,as we visited another “Celebrate Recovery” established group so that we could learn how to organize our group, I realized that I really needed help. I decided to attend the ladies’ group for addictions and to ask for a sponsor.

     Now I have something to really write about, “God’s answer to my prayers”. I will be glad to post my journey so that others may decide to search out a “Celebrate Recovery” group in your city. From what I understand, there are “Celebrate Recovery” groups throughout the United States. 

      I have journalnized about my overeating and my conversations with God about it for years. I will be posting my journey in “Celebrate Recovery” but I may include some of my past writings as well. I hope my journey blesses you. Thank you for your prayers.


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  1. Debbie, I have been through all four Celebrate Recovery & lost 20 lb this last year. I continue cutting stables (potatoes, Zoi Greek Yogurt. eggs & all the meats with fat in them). I am still meeting with a Celebrate Recovery individual, but I feel stuck!

  2. Great to hear about you finding Celebrate Recovery. I have recently discovered it as well. I’m about to begin step 4. Have you done all the steps or what step are you on?

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sometimes we just don’t realize how God uses our comments! You have been a source of encouragement and confirmation! Two years ago I volunteered to be the cook for Celebrate Recovery. Doesn’t God have a sense of humor, getting someone with a food addiction to be the cook for Celebrate Recovery? Anyway, I finally realized that I needed to do this for me, but I have started over many times. My leader would tell me’ “You need to do your 4th step.” I feel that your comment is confirmation that I do need to do this in order to complete my healing! I have completed Steps 1,2, & 3, only to stop, then repeat Steps 1,2,& 3, only to stop again. I have had one sponsor and many accountability partners, only to have to start over again. NOW IT IS TIME! Again, thank you for allowing God to use you to confirm what I already knew, but for some reason procrastinated!

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