7:30AM  weight ###  /  8:15 AM weight #### down  1 lb. – Yea!!! /   8:30AM weight ### up 1 lb. – Huh?/ 8:35AM weight # up 2 lbs. from 7:30AM???  WHAT???? . . .  All I did was take a shower and brush my teeth!!!!!  How can this  possibly be?????

He patiently speaks to my heart: ( “I told you not to weigh until later. I told you that the scales are not the measure of your success. I told you to look to Me, not at what you see.”)

“Oh Lord, lead my steps today! Already, I have not followed Your leading by jumping on these scales so many times! Lord, forgive me and lead my steps according to Your will!”

I sense laughter: (“My child, I forgive you, this was a learning experience for you. My child, if you will only listen, then I will lead you. I am using all of this to teach you how to listen. Focus, focus on hearing My voice, My guidance, My leading! If you will only seek to follow Me with all of your heart,  then you will be amazed at what I lead you to. There are many, many victories ahead My child! Just listen and obey, for there is no other way! Trust and obey, the key to victory!”)

” Ok My Lord. . . just help me to focus on Your guidance. . .  Now Lord, what do I eat for breakfast?”

I sense laughter.



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