Christmas 2010 is over! All decorations are now put away. It has really been COLD!!!

       I feel as though I have been in a “fog” since Christmas! I have spent time in prayer asking for new direction and forgiveness for backsliding. (Checkout last post: “Undeserved Love”-gained 5lbs.) I have sought God about many areas. I even tried some fasting only to back-slide into overeating again. I also checked out different resources to verify how God was instructing them about 2011. Their words are encouraging to me.

     Although I am still seeking God, I did receive some instructions. God said, “Write!” I am to begin writing about “40 Days of Victory” beginning with the next post. Victory is on the way! Victory is coming! Praise God!

     In the picture below, notice there are “two” rainbows. God sent the rainbow to Noah to promise a “new beginning. God allowed me to witness a double rainbow for I am to have a “double” new beginning! Can’t wait to see exactly what God has planned for this year, but I am looking forward to it!