Lord, forgive me. I am only eating two meals a day as You instructed but Lord, I am so hungry when the meals come! I eat too fast and I eat too much! I did good at lunch yesterday. I actually left some and then I gave it away. But last night at supper, I messed up! I thought it would be okay, but this morning I am so full and bloated. I know from experience that if I wake up empty feeling then I am losing weight. But Lord, I am now so miserably full this morning! Lord, should I start cutting my portions in half? I do want to lose weight, but I do not want to go the rest of my life eating only salads, green beans, and baked chicken! Lord, you know how much I love my deserts. Continue reading "HUNGER AFTER ME" -GOD


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     (My children, there are laws of eternity of which I spoke into existence. These laws are throughout eternity and cannot be changed or reversed for My word cannot return void. Once, spoken, My Word is forever. The enemy, shrew serpent that he is, knows this and he is taking advantage of the gift of free will given to mankind. He is using their free will to influence the choices of mankind in the transgression of My eternal laws. These transgressions will ultimately destroy all mankind.) Continue reading LAWS OF ETERNITY


The Greatest Promise of God

     “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in HIm should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 NKJV

     (Know that you are loved, My child. No other voice can claim you for you are Mine, anointed with the blood of Myself, within the vessel of your very soul. I love you! I AM your Father! You are My child!)

     But Father, do you remember yesterday when the voice of accusation said that I was eating food that could go to starving children?

     (Yes, My child, I remember.)

      What about those people watching their children starve to death? What about the children? Why does this happen? Why? Continue reading CRIES OF THE SUFFERING INNOCENTS


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     Lord, I know I was wrong to eat that slice of pizza along with my leftovers and I was wrong to eat the potato logs with the chicken pot pie. I was convicted of eating so much food, but yet, I still continued to eat it all! Lord, I guess this desire for extra food just needs to be ripped right out of my heart!

     Lord, I feel as though I am being tested and I am failing ALL the tests. Lord, please help me, I need remediation. I want to be able to pass all the tests, but yet the stronghold that food has my heart! How can I  break this strong deeply embedded web of destruction on my life? 



Psalm 121
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      Lord, I ate only two meals yesterday and no after work ice cream cone. I felt release and a sense of victory! Thank you Lord! Also thank you for leading me to the scripture, “Be still and know that I am God. . !” Psalm 46:10 NKJV. Lord, you have told Continue reading JUST A “WEANED” CHILD


     Be still, and know that I am God. . . .Psalm 46:10 NKJV

     Lord, I don’t feel as though I have been very still at all! Life seems to be all chaos now!

     (My child, I want to teach you a ‘quietness’ and a ‘stillness’ within your spirit. If you possess a quiet, still spirit, you will be able to withstand the loud, roaring storms of life with a new confidence and faith that no matter what, I WILL BRING YOU THROUGH! Continue reading STANDING AGAINST THE STORMS OF LIFE


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     My husband and I went to a chinese buffet for lunch. Inwardly, I was filled with dread for I have been known to eat at least three plates of food at buffets and I am doing really well on this food plan for now. As I walked in the restaurant, I prayed, “Oh Lord, please help me resist! Please don’t let me be gluttonous today! I don’t want to mess up the success that I have now! God, are you there?” Continue reading THE FORTUNE


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     Lord, when I think about all the times that I stood before a cake, cookies, candy,or ice cream, shaking in my weakness, finally succumbing to give into my desires, I now realize that I gave those sweets power over me. Lord, could it be not the eating of those sweets but rather the surrendering myself to these overwhelming desires and therefore giving the sweets power over me that is the sin? Is this the actually of the sin, not the eating of said item but surrendering myself to the power of the temptation? Is that how it becomes an idol in my life? Because I gave it power over me? Continue reading LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY


Show me the way Lord.

     Lord, I need assurance of Your love. How can you still love me? Yesterday I was determined to start over again, but  last night I was in my kitchen eating the leftover roast right out of the pot at 10:30pm. Now this morning I feel sick, bloated, just awful. Lord, I want to be right, do right, and feel good. I can never earn Your love.What am I to do?

     My child, I haven’t given up on you. If you’ll give yourself to Me, I will give Myself to you. My child, I’m here for you. I still love you. Yes, you’re right, you can never earn My love. I freely give it to you.  Continue reading GOD’S ASSURANCE OF HIS LOVE


My Confession in 2013.

Here I am again Lord, all bloated, full, miserable, and ashamed, wondering, “How did I get here?”  I sense that my overeating has created a gulf between me and You. I feel that as I overfed my fleshly desires, your presence left. Didn’t I say yesterday that I wanted to be free of this bondage? Then last night, I was in the kitchen stuffing my face until well after 10p.m. Lord, how can I ever break free from this vicious cycle of defeat? Continue reading CONFESSION