Lord, I’ve been lying all these years. Even though it was just a little white lie, I hoped You would understand. I know a lie is a lie, a sin is a sin, and no sin is greater or lesser than another. But I just couldn’t tell the truth, I just couldn’t. Will You forgive me?

It all started my first year of marriage. Lord, do You think love is fattening? I guess it is when you both eat in bed. Back then Hubby and I both worked evening shifts. After work, we met each other at the snack store to pick out our late night snacks. Later at home, after honeymoon love, we ate our junk food in bed as we watched late night TV.


I quickly gained twenty pounds that first year and went to Weight Watchers for the first time in 1974.  Back then they told you to eat fish 5 times a week. I ate canned tuna 5 times a week. Yuck. To this day I can’t eat tuna, not even fresh tuna. Yuck.

I joined three more times over the years and dropped out in defeat every time, but I never forgot the goal they set. Now I have surpassed that high range goal of 164. I weighed 162 last Sunday.

(Back to the lie.) Lord, over the years when it came time to renew my driver’s license I just couldn’t tell the truth. So I lied. I rationalized and decided to tell them a goal weight, not my real weight.  When they asked for my weight, I told them 170. I weighed more then, but I just couldn’t tell them the truth. After all, it was just a little white lie.

That number stayed on my  licenses  for years. But when I weighed over 200 pounds, I felt convicted about this ridiculous lie. Anyone could look at me and know I didn’t weigh 170. So I decided to tell the truth.

But I couldn’t. So weighing over 230, I told them my weight was 200. I was still lying. That number 200 stayed on my driver’s license for many years.

Then Lord, You worked a miracle in my life. You healed my body. You delivered me of 79 pounds.  Yesterday I renewed my driver’s license and for the first time in over 40 years I TOLD THE TRUTH.

I told the woman behind the counter, “Today, I’m going to tell the truth.” She looked at me in surprise. Then she laughed as I told her about lying over my weight. I said, “Today I weigh 162 and that’s the truth, praise God.”

Lord, You have blessed me so much. Thank you.

Granddaughter weighs 75 pounds.

This past week I visited my oldest son and his family. His oldest daughter weighs 75 pounds. I thought it would be interesting since I’ve lost more than that to see what those 75 pounds felt like. She got on my back so I could carry her around. Wow. She was heavy and I’ve carried that weight around for years.

Then I took the physical fitness test on his Wii machine. The last time I done this I was 60 years old and it said I had the body of a 60-year-old. At that time I thought, “Right on target.”

I’m 62 and now the Wii machine says I have the body of a 59-year-old.  I knew I felt better and stronger. Wow. My body has gotten younger. Who ever heard of that?

The Wii did say I was still in the BMI for the overweight section. It also said I should weigh 140. Lord, You know I haven’t weighed 140 since high school. I haven’t weighed 162 since the first six months of marriage back in 1973. I weighed 152 on my wedding day in 1973. Is it even possible that I could ever weigh 140? I don’t know Lord. What do You think?

My child, if you believe, all things are possible. Don’t worry about a number on the scales. Just keep following My instructions as you are. The weight loss will come.  You’ll know when you reach My goal for you.

My goal for you is not just for your body, but also your spirit and your mind. As you learn to trust Me in all things, I will lift the load off your back just as I lifted the load of 79 pounds off your back.

As you find your victory through the surrender of your will to My will then the size of your body will decrease and My Presence within your spirit will increase. My Presence will fill your mind with My peace. You see, My child, submitting yourself before Me only guarantees your victory. Victory comes through surrender.

I do forgive your lie and I did understand your heart. But you are right, a sin is a sin, a lie is a lie, and no sin is greater or smaller in My eyes. All sin, no matter how small results in death. But I gave My life to set you free from sin and death. My child, I love you and I have come to set you free.

Lord, I love You too. Thank you for all my blessings. I give you my life, do with it as You wish.


“What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” Mark 9:23 NLT

Look on my affliction and my pain, and forgive all my sins. Psalm 25:18

 . . . Our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin. Romans 6:6

Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness- by whose stripes you were healed. I Peter 2:24

— Remove falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches- Feed me with the food allotted to me. Proverbs 30:8


A vintage wearing vintage from the 80″s. You can’t tell, but this dress makes my waist look so small.




  1. When I renewed my drivers license a few years ago, I had recently given birth; the lady “lied” for me! I told her what I really weighed and she entered a number 20 pounds lighter. “You’ll be there in no time” she said. It was more like two years, than no time, but NOW my license is accurate! I love that you lifted your granddaughter: you don’t realize how much the extra weight weighs until it’s gone and you put it back!

  2. Hi Jan,
    Weighing 241, I cried out to God. I asked Him if I needed to go to a real counselor. He said, “I am your counselor. Come to Me.” Then He told me to only eat three meals, no snacks, and half portions. That is how I lost the 79 pounds. God has set me free from food addiction and He’s healing my body . I don’t diet in any way and I don’t focus on exercise. It’s just “a God thing”.
    I want to spread this good news. I would love for others to get this same freedom.

  3. White lies on the drivers license…been there…done that too! You look FANTASTIC and I know you must feel even more fantastic than you look! Can’t believe you still have that dress…LOL. Rejoicing with you. You know we cousins war with the same demon.

    Went with Amy to my first Cross Fit class yesterday. She said I “killed it”, but it kicked my rear. As ole Jed Clampet used to say…Whee Doggie. But, decided it was time to get serious with eating healthy and exercising. If you’re not familiar with CrossFit watch some Youtube videos so you will know how to pray for me! HA! Love you cuz. And I know your blogging is a blessing to so many. I’m seriously considering a new WordPress blog to document this new journey.

  4. Debbie, My D, L. said for years that I weighed 125 pounds.I never changed it because the person behind the desk never bothered to ask me if everything was correct. Had she asked me of course I would have told her the truth. God knows and I know. I finally did change the number when it was obvious. Now I don’t weigh as much as it says I do. Well, now everything worked out just fine.
    Love you Debbie,
    Donna H. Day

  5. HI Deborah! Great read, as always. When I moved out of my parents home with my husband into our new house when we got married, I gained 15lbs in record time. I wanted to prove to Ryan that I was the perfect wife, cooking fattening, delicious meals constantly, topped off with sinful desserts. Thankfully, we both got over that due to our expanding waist lines and got on a healthy diet and exercise plan together. With faith, I stuck with it, my husband trained for a marathon and now completes one each year and we both feel great overall. YAY!

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