Below is a fiction story based on one true fact. In the past, due to overwhelming stress I left Baby Jesus on our dryer for two weeks. I would pat Him every day and say, “Soon, I’ll get to you I promise.” How often do we tell the real Jesus the same thing?

It’s a wonderful thing that due to my excess weight and over eating issues I’ve learned to sit at His feet and seek His advice. Reminds me of a child’s song: “Trust and obey, for there is no other way, trust and obey.”

Thank you Lord for delivering me from 68 pounds.                 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!

Hope you enjoy the story,  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!



After school, Susan sat at her desk in frustration. “It’s after 4. I’ve got to hurry, there’s so much to do at home. I hate this paperwork, always paperwork. Two more weeks of school before Christmas, how will I get it all done?

Tonight, I’ve got to cook supper and then choir practice for the Christmas musical. I don’t have the outside decorations up. I don’t have my tree finished and forget about the Christmas cards. I’ll do them later. Who started that anyway?”

Shaking her head, “Lord, I’m so sick of this day after day. Rush, rush, rush. When will it stop? I’m so tired.”

Later at home, five-year old Anna bounces in the kitchen, “Mom. I’m hungry. What’s for supper?”

“Frozen lasagna’s in the microwave, be done in a minute.”

Nodding at the other two sitting at the table Anna starts, “But I want hot dogs, why can’t we have hot dogs?” Waving her hands, she chants, “We want hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs.”

The three-year old twins joined her chant, “Hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs.”

Susan took a deep breath, and rolled her eyes, “Okay, okay, you eat hot dogs. Dad and I’ll eat lasagna.”

Ed walked in, “I’ve got to go in tonight, they called earlier while you were still at work.”

“But I need you to help me with the outside decorations”

“Look, you do too much. I told you before we don’t need all these Christmas decorations.  If you want them, you put them up. I’ve got to go now, we need the money. Bye.” He kissed her and walked out.

She slammed the pot on the counter, “Why do I have to do everything by myself? I’m the one that makes Christmas happen here. I get the presents, I decorate the tree, and I decorate outside too. How did I marry Christmas Scrooge? If it weren’t for me, there would be no Christmas at all.

The kids continued banging on the table, “Hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs.”

Then a large yellow lab runs through the kitchen, licking  the kids, puts his paws on the table and sniffs at the leftover dishes from breakfast.

Susan screams, “Get that dog out.” Anna opens the back door to let the dog out, “But Mom, he wants a hot dog too.”

Later that night after the kids were asleep, Susan drags the nativity scene out of the garage. She placed Mary and Joseph in the front yard along with the three wise men. She begins to untangle the electric cords for their lights. It starts to rain.

“Great. I can’t even finish this, I’ll get electrocuted. Thanks Lord, just what I need, rain.”

She placed the last piece on top of the dryer, Baby Jesus with his electric cord hanging down. Patting the baby she sighed, “I’ll get to you later Baby Jesus.”

For the next two weeks it was the same routine, Susan working late, kids screaming for supper, the dog running in the house every time one of the kids left the door open, and Ed working overtime night shift. Susan managed to get the tree decorated. She shopped for gifts on the way to and from school. She even managed to get most of the cards finished, but somehow Baby Jesus got overlooked. He still laid on top of the dryer. As she put clothes in the dryer, she would move the electric cord out-of-the-way, and pat Baby Jesus, “I’ll get to you soon, I promise.”

Then Christmas Eve, Susan realized in horror, “It’s Christmas Eve and Baby Jesus is still on the dryer. Man, what will the neighbors think?”

She ran to the laundry room to get him, “What? Where’s Baby Jesus? Maybe Ed decided to help after all.”

She went to the front yard to look at the nativity scene, still no Baby Jesus. “What? Where’s Baby Jesus?”

Then Susan called the kids, “Who got Baby Jesus off the dryer?” All of them shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads. Ed came in. She asked him, “Did you get the Baby Jesus?”

“No, I thought you did. But I have to go in to work again tonight.” He kissed her bye and left.

After Ed left, Susan started the search for a missing Baby Jesus. First she looked in the kid’s rooms, under their beds, in their closets, and in the toy boxes. No baby Jesus. Funny, the kids started looking too. They were calling, “Baby Jesus, where are you?”

She walked throughout the back yard and then the front searching. Still no Baby Jesus. In desperation Susan just sat on the front steps and cried.

“Lord, would You help me? I just can’t do this anymore. I’m a mess, my life is a mess, and it seems everything is a mess. Please help me.” Looking up, she saw a star shining in the east. It seemed brighter than all the others.

As she remembered the story of the real Baby Jesus, Anna came running, “Mom, come quick I found Baby Jesus. Come see.”

Sarah followed Anna to the back yard. Anna pointed to the dog house and Sarah looked in. There was Baby Jesus in the dog house. “How did that happen?”

Anna laughed, “Guess the dog wanted to make room for Baby Jesus in his house.”

Sarah felt conviction as she took Baby Jesus and placed him in the nativity scene between Mary and Joseph.

Lord, the dog made room for Baby Jesus in his home, but I didn’t make room for You in my home or my heart. With all my Christmas preparations, I just left Baby Jesus out. Would You forgive me? Help me to never leave You out of my home or my life again.

As she looked at that shining bright star again, she heard,                                                          “If you seek Me, you will find Me.”





But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul. Deuteronomy 4:29

Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.             1 Chronicles 16:11

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33





Still in PJ’s, taking it easy.


Travis, Tillmans Corner, AL, USA


  1. I read this again, not speeding through. That’s me, needing Jesus so much, and leaving Him out. Trying to follow Him without Him, without asking for His help “Come in, Lord Jesus! Come in to me, my heart, my broken dreams, the rest of my years. I don’t want to do anything without YOU! Even grieve my mess. As the bleeding woman came up and touched Your garment’s hem because she knew she needed You, help me seek You, leaving all else to grasp and hold on to YOU!”

  2. Jesus sitting on the dryer says this to me, As this machine warms your clothes, I JESUS WILL WARM YOUR HEART WITH MY LOVE.

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